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Thursday, May 21, 2009
ESPNHS Wednesday: Best blogs 5/20


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NBA Playoffs- Round 3, Game1: Cavaliers vs. Magic

By CHSHusky4Life
With one second left on the clock, it's a jump-ball. The ref throws the ball into the air. LeBron tips it. Mo Williams catches and shoots&.. he misses! This is the image seen by everyone who saw the number one team in the league, who have been perfect this post-season, lose to the Orlando Magic. 107-106&
Talk with CHSHusky4Life about this game and the NBA playoffs!

WWE VS Denver Nuggets

By KidSox1
Wow, How Much Has The Sports World Chnaged. To The Point Where We Have People Fighting Over The Use Of A Sprots Arena. Ok, To Make A Long Story Short, The WWE Had A Contract Last Year That Stated That, On Monday May 25th, 2009, They Had The Full Rights Use The Pepsi Center. Whats Wrong With That? Well The Denver Nuggets Making The Playoffs Is One And The Fact They Made It To The Confernce Championship, Is the Other. The Main Problem With That Is The Nuggets Just Signed The Agreement Sometime This Or Last Month, For The Same Exact Date.
Keep reading and see what KidSox1 suggests as a solution.


Welcome Back!

Mr. Almighty
By Mr. Almighty
As we all know Michael Vick was released from federal prison today (Wednesday, May 20, 2009) from Kansas. Vick haves one thing on his mind and thats playing football and their is no doubt about it. Vick is a electricfying player, a true Play Maker if you will. Vick can scan the field and deliver the ball at the right place at the right time, there is only two questions that need to be answered before he comes back. 1) Will he be healthy coming back?, and 2) Will he be a better QB than he was before? I think Michael Vick can be a better QB than before if he takes his time in the pocket and stop being in such a rush to run. I really believe thats why he's so "Injure Prone" cause of he's running and mobility ability that causes him to get injured so much, when u take a chance to run so much and getting hit in the same arm or finger you have to use to throw the ball or getting hit in his legs which he haves to draw back and plant his feet to get in position that can really affect him. Read more of this blog!


New York Yankees

By lebronfan4life13
Hello, and welcome to my new blog and this is my first blog entry. I'm Zach and this is what I'm burning on. (Laugh out loud, I'm borrowing that line from Jim Rome is Burning) I'm burning on the New York Yankees! It's about time everything starts working for them. It took almost fifty games but they finally got their act together, everything that they were hoping was going to happen, is happening. FIrst of all, their pitching is beginning to be as good as it was supposed to be. I attended the game on Sunday, May 17, at Yankee Stadium when A.J. Burnett pitched against the Minnesota Twins. I really thought A.J. looked wonderful in that start. He went seven innings and gave up only two runs. He didn't give up many hits and only walked two or three. He also had six strikeouts, he is definately starting to look like the A.J. Burnett of old.
... read more of lebronfan4life's blog!



John 6515
By John 6515
Wow, now I am not trying to say that NASCAR is not a sport but I just dont understand the whole sport at all!!! All it is is that 42 cars just drive in a 0 for like 5 hours strait and take a couple of pitstops on the way. All it really is is a roud trip except in a circle. Not to be mean but the best part in the sport is when a car spins out and crashes. =(. But really I dont think that NASCAR is not a real sport. Sorry to say but it is true! = (
What do you think? Is it a sport?

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