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Tuesday, June 2, 2009
"Might As Well" Teaser

The story is a nice one: A dude named Wojtek Targosz (It's Polish if you're wondering) started a company about a year ago. Called his getup Grow Up Productions, moved to Tahoe last summer and as soon as winter hit, started filming some friends. He just wanted to gather some footage to use for a collaboration of sorts with people he knew working in media—get his professional friends to contribute to his project at a very low price.

But the filming quickly took on a life of its own, and as Targosz explains, "After February other riders and filmers started taking interest in the footage and the types of features we were riding. Halfway through the season I was still thinking my footage would go to other projects instead it ended up being the opposite. Now after the season is over our snow movie has multiple filmers and riders involved, so we're making a video." Just like that, making it happen Tahoe style. The movie will appropriately be titled, "Might As Well." I mean, why not? Available for free download September 2009.

Riders: Ross Patton, Christian Koch, Mike Orlick, Ben Wynn, Jordan Nield, Cody Lewis, BJ Linne, and others...

Filmers: Wojtek Targosz, Greg Saunders, and Lane Power.