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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
ESPNHS Tuesday: Best blogs 6/9


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bbccviking27: THE FISH

Blog of the day

The Day That Was: June 9, 2009

By manny24435
Yesterday was filled with great action and excitement. The day was highlighted by the Penguins forcing Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and the Lakers losing a tough game against the Orlando Magic. The Nationals set themselves up for a huge disappointment after they drafted San Diego State phenom Stephen Strasburg, who seems almost unsignable for the Nationals organization. Manny being Manny once again with him addressing the media which violates the terms of his suspension. Read the rest of the blog ... and talk about your favorite sporting event of the day with manny24435!


the lakers will they win

By bww55
lakers are thinking they will but will they? magic are trying to win a championship. i think it will be determined by a game seven. i want kobe to lose. what do you think?
Who do you think will win the NBA Finals? And in how many games?

NBA Finals Game 3: Return of the 3 point shot

By pieman12347
Last night, the Magic found it. They worked their Magic once again. I think they just forgot how to do it. Then, they remembered how to shoot 60+% from the field. They remembered how to shoot 70% in the first half. It was Kobe's turn to forget. He missed 5 free throws which would have given the Lakers the lead. Kobe was a one man show last night. It just shows you he isn't so good without the rest of his crew doing what he's doing. What did you think of the game last night?

terveer33: Graduation

kobe and lebron.

By alexjames34
If lebron and kobe had faced each other In the championship this year who would win?How many games?Why would they win?
So, who do you think would win?!


Sidney Crosby

By kracht1
Okay. Lets all stop freaking out about Crosby. Everywhere I look its Crosby this Crosby that. Its always what did the Pens do wrong and how lucky these bounces were n all that crap. RELAX. Its ok for the Wings to do something right.Every time they win they get no credit for it. They've been the best franchise in sports for over 10 years and no one bothers to say anything abbout it. All the NHL cares about is when Crosby is gonna win his first cup and the 'future of the NHL'. The thing i have to say is that the Detroit Red Wings were, are , and will continue to be the future of the NHL. Talk hockey and the Stanley Cup with kracht1!


para:David Faitelson

By celularr
hola q tal faitelson verdad q te dolio que eprdiera mexicon ii con el ekipo numero 100 del rankin...mmMmM zoii del salvador..ii cvamoz haser todo lo posible para ganar en el azteka...ii q pazo con las eztrellas pues y cuautemo donde esta ii el guiye ..adonde selaya se los izo a los maxcanoz..iii ezo fue para q aprendan a no meterse con el pulgarcito del salvador por que despiertan a un gran gigante ii cuando se despierta aii q tenerle miedo...aziii como noz enpezante a conocer el 6/junio/09.... Weigh in on this blog!


Football season is back.

By Thevest1
Football season has finally started up. High School football sure is a lot different than middle school though. Ibuprofen is my new best friend.
Talk with Thevest1 about your summer football practices!

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