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Friday, June 12, 2009
Updated: June 15, 12:54 PM ET
The Brothers Three

The brothers three, posted up for another day at Lowers.
Traversing the planet as an army of three, Pat, Dane, and Tanner Gudauskas are seldom seen apart, which would lead one to assume that they're all essentially one and the same. But like the Malloys and other brotherly triads, spend enough time with the "G Boys" and you soon realize they have their own little quarks and idiosyncrasies. Of course, they're all frothing all the time, and they all profess to being huge fans of Desperately Seeking Susan, but after a short survey, a few of their differences did shine through. Here's a combo of both words and video that'll give you a good idea of where their heads are at:

Last Book:
Patrick: Golf is Not a Game of Perfect.
Dane: A Strange and Terrible Saga: Hell's Angels by Hunter S Thompson.
Tanner: I have been reading around. I finished Fountainhead, and kinda have been dabbling in some psychology books...doing brain crunches!

Last Movie:
P: Taken. It's a good one if you're going to be travelling to Europe any time soon.
D: Desperately Seeking Susan, an early Madonna movie, pretty hilarious.
T: Last memorable one would have to be Desperately Seeking Susan. Old school Madonna. I saw Angels and Demons and thought it was awesome. I'm not too big on the movies in theaters just cause they cost so much. Take and date equals losing twenty dollars.

Last Trip:
P: Tahiti for a week and a half to compete in the WCT event.
D: New Jersey to visit my grandma for Mother's Day. I ended up surfing some fun waves too.
T: I made a trip to my Facebook profile page, only stayed for a couple of hours, but ther is no bad time to have a good time, therefore Facebook is never a bad time.

Favorite Surf Story:
P: The best and worst travel experience I've ever had. Dane and I travelled to Oz for the first time, competing in the junior comps across the continent, our first night ever on the Gold Coast. We went huge with some of our Aussie friends, hit a club in Surfers' Paradise till 4 in the morning, got a cab home, and attempted a ride and dash. While running away, the driver sped up and plowed into me going about 50 mph. I slid on the asphault and popped up to see Dane yelling at me to jump onto the beach there at Greenmount. I ended up with some serious road rash, a hurt knee, and a great story to tell for a long time.
D: Hearing Patrick talk about their boat crashing in Indo, talk about sketchy!
T: Rusty Long tells the best stories, it doesn't have to be surf related. Just buckle up.

High tide or low tide:
P: Low tide, less water equals more greenroom?
D: I always like a full glass—preferably frosty.
T: High tide always, I like 'em squishy!

Best thing about San Clemente:
P: The people and the food. Mexican food and sushi right next to each other, that's one thing you won't find too many places in the world.
D: I love San Clemente because of the characters and the good folks that live here.
T: The surf movie San Clemente Locals and Cave Doctor.

What brother surfs best:
P: Harrison Hedgecock.
D: Tanner's alter ego, Walter White. When he gets loose, it's a total take down.
T: Well, there is actually a fourth brother. We adopted Guillhreme Herdy.