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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Updated: July 12, 2:01 PM ET
Welcome to ESPN Passport

ESPN Passport

ESPN Passport allows you to chronicle your entire sports history. Think of it as your digital scrapbook, or digital shoebox of tickets, or just a list of every important sports game you want to remember.

Your Sports History Whether you use Passport to keep track of the games you watch, attend, or both, we keep your entire sports history in one place. Checkin on your touch enabled mobile phone or checkin online before or after each game. See the full list of all your your checkins.

Your Stats and Rankings Alongside your sports history, it's never been easier to see your own personal stats for teams that you've seen. Check out the stats page for a complete list of all the teams you've seen, and their stats when you've seen them.

Medals You can earn medals in Passport by attending unique events or accomplishing "rare feats" for a sports fan. When you checkin watching a game on TV, that checkin will not count toward earning medals.


Why do I have to sign into to enter my events and venues?
We store all of your data on into one global account, so your fantasy user name is the same as your ESPN Passport user name. If you don't have an account, no need to worry, it only takes seconds to sign up, and it's free. Register Now

I can't find the game I attended. How can I add it?
We currently go back as far as all of, so as we add historical games to our site, they will be added to Passport. If you're having trouble finding something, or something is mis-labeled, you can send us instant feedback via the Passport Survey.

What are My Teams on the data entry page?
These were the teams you selected when you signed up and personalized your experience. If you would like to add or edit additional teams, so you have them front and center when you return in the future.

What is the process to add a profile photo, otherwise known as an avatar?
We need to send you over to ESPN Profiles real quick, where you will select "Change Avatar" below your current Avatar (a k a profile picture). Or if you connect to facebook, we'll automatically pull in your facebook avatar, subject to your permissions.

Why can't I upload videos from my games?
Passport does not support video upload at this time.