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Thursday, July 9, 2009
ESPNHS: Best NBA blogs 7/8


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Josiah2015: At the line


NBA 2009 Offseason

By eliw1006
If this offseason was anything of a sample for next years offseason, next years will be really special.
With the signing of free agents like Shaq, Ron Artest, Allen Iverson, Hedo T., etc.; they should and probably will have a huge impact on their signed team. And just to think that next year some of these players as well as LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, Etc.; who knows how much of disruption they could cause for numerous teams for the 2010 offseason. Check out more of this blog ...

LeBron James

jordan crawford is illlll

Patrick Domville
By Patrick Domville
big ups to jordan crawford for supposedly dunking on lebron at his own campppp! this boy must be a true baller in heart to dunk on "KING JAMES" haha. good luck to jordan in his time at xavier and hopefully we will see him going head to head with lebron one day in the nba! o and lebron- ur sorry dude. u got dunked on by a college player at your own skills development camp and then u diont even give the man props! then u go and get nike to cover it up for you!???!? thats whack man. What do you think about the dunking drama?

Shaq? Lebron? This Is So Not Fair!

By Yung_product
Well......It seems that the Cleveland Cavaliers just might have sealed another awsome season and maybe, just maybe another Nba Championship. With The Level that Lebron James is on and the fact that Shaq is now goin' to be gracing the court right beside the king, It's Kinda hard see'n Kobe Getting another ring. I Mean Shaq Might Of Fell off at the end of the last season, but come on now its still Shaq...and with all the attension either goin to be focused on Lebron or Shaq, you can expect big things this coming year.
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By 6875John
I think that Lebron will stay. I don't think he would be the biggest hero in NYC as he would be in Cleveland. He makes the city of Clevelan and puts them on the map!
Do you think LeBron will go to the Knicks?

Chicago Bulls

What are the Bulls doing?

By neverscared09
ok so the bulls decided not to re-sign Ben Gordon which alot of Bulls fans including myself were happy about because he was their lead scorer but he was too selfish and inconsistent and that showed in the playoffs. However i thought that now we didnt re-sign BG so we can go after a free agent but the bulls have done nothing in the offseason. getting Janero Pargo back will be good but not a significant change in the team and the fact is that there is no player in free agency for the bulls right now the best fit in my eyes is shawn marion if they could get him and maybe clear some cap room for next years off season. Read more!

Kobe and Magic

Magic and Kobe at Michael jackson memoral

By eaglejr147
I thought it was great that 2 great basketball player that played at the staples center and in the NBA.
What did you think of Kobe and Magic at the memorial?

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