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Thursday, July 9, 2009
Updated: July 10, 11:44 AM ET
ESPNHS: Best MLB blogs 7/8


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Bueno_81: On the field

All-Star Game

All-Star break/ Trade deadline

YES! wins are commonplace in New York( Bronx that is, not flushing haha) and heading into the all-star break, the yankees are overpowering opponents. But they need more than eric hinskie to help make the yankees unstoppable. First and foremost, a starter in place of the injury-plagued wang. I originally thought Phil Hughs would fit, but he is becoming a standout reliever, so a trade maybe for a starter is on the way. and another painful thing to watch with the yankees is their arms in the outfield.
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V-Tek in All Star Game

By doubleja2
I'm happy for Wake making it to his first All Star game but this is most likely Varitek's last season and he has been having a good year. I think that he should have been invited to the game.
Who are you rooting for in the All-Star Game?

Support your local sheriff!

By 12willy
Every one who reads this has to vote for the amazing mark reynolds to be in the all-star game.He needs to win the voting.I myself have probably voted over thousand times,so vote vote vote! What do you think of Mark Reynolds? Will you vote for him?


The Steroid Era: Will We Ever Know?

By mdpride222
Because people with huge numbers, people like Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmerio, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, and many more people; have been proven users of HGH and other steroids, they have been frowned upon. For a year, we all though Alex Rodriguez was the "savior" of baseball and restore the home run record. Well this Jesus wasn't as clean as we thought. Now we are on to a new Jesus: Albert Pujols. Whether or not he is the savior, it makes me wonder something. Just a thought: Read more ... and weigh in on this issue.

Chicago Cubs


By riggen123
How many people think the cubs will make the playoffs personally i think they will the bats have been working dereks on fire aramis is back
Do you think the Cubs will make the playoffs?

should the cubs go for the halladay ???

By 23gregorio
the cubs are ranked 5th in the majors in team ERA. adding halladay is a big long shot but giving up rookie pitchers like kevin hart, or experience of the bullpen like aaron heilman ,randy wells ,or trading bench players for holladay like jeff baker and andres blanco who are very good defenseman... could be a very good trade...
What do you think? Weigh in!

Royals Fan
Royalsfan222: Royals vs. White Sox

Kansas City Royals


By Royalsfan222
Does anyone think the Royals will trade versatile player Mark Teahen to the Mets once third baseman Alex Gordon returns? The Mets have expressed interest and Teahen can play any position but the battery positions and has a batting average close to .300.
What should the Royals do?

Get to know MaineQB12


By MaineQB12
Baseball is my life! I am a Die Hard Red Sox Fan! I am a catcher for my school. I Love Jason Varitek, He is My idol!
Do you think the Cubs will make the playoffs?

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