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Saturday, July 11, 2009
Updated: June 15, 3:29 PM ET
Results: Money Cup Am Finals

The winner's circle. From left: Ryan Decenzo, Shane O'Neil and Felipe Gustavo
The World Industries Amateur World Championships at the Maloof Money Cup have come to an end. And I have to say these guys were impressive. Some of the best am talent in the world showed up here in Costa Mesa to battle it out in the exceedingly hot midday sun. Unlike the pros that get to compete in the decidedly more comfortable evening, these hungry ams put in work on a concrete course so hot you could fry eggs on it.

Tons of today's popular ams from Andrew Langi (360 flip the Rincon replica big four block), to Manny Santiago (fronside shove to backside feeble grind down the UCI rail replica), to Collin Provost made a good showing but the most consistent emerged victorious taking home gilded cups, massive trophies and even electric guitars for their efforts.

Two Orange County locs were given special "hometown hero" awards for being local and ripping all weekend long). Element's Collin Provost and Birhouse's David Loy were those locs.

Abdias Rivera 5-0s the Rincon rail on his way to fourth place.
Australian phenom and Skate Mental, Nike SB am Shane O'Neill won the Zumiez Destroyer Award for skating well all weekend long. He was awarded a sawzall for his efforts to further his efforts to help take the knobs off unsuspecting handrails.

And the top five who nabbed gilded cups, high fives and hugs from a very chesty-endowed hostess were:

5. Davis Torgerson
4. Abdias Rivera
3. Ryan Decenzo
2. Shane O'Neill
1. Felipe Gustavo