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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Mayweather baits UFC fans

Floyd Mayweather Jr
"Money" is no dummy: Floyd Mayweather knows that running his mouth can make him richer.

Absent from the ring for nearly two years, Floyd Mayweather can be forgiven any lack of subtlety. Hey, there are tickets that need selling. In anticipation of his Sept. 19 bout with Juan Manuel Marquez, the 39-0 puncher told earlier this week that "it takes true skills to be in the sport of boxing," and likened MMA's occupants to "animals."

Floyd often acts as though he's lacking key neurons, but he's no dummy. Seeing a few elite-level mixed fights will tell an athlete that it takes an athlete to participate in one (see: Evander Holyfield's, Michael Moorer's, Mike Tyson's and Oscar De La Hoya's comments on the sport). I can't be sold that Mayweather believes his own sideshow for one minute. This is what's done to get the odometer going for what boxing fans tell me is a shoulder shrug of a fight. If Mayweather gets press, so does his appointment. And until he fights Manny Pacquiao in the bout everyone really cares about, he'll need all the help he can give himself.