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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Updated: August 1, 11:17 PM ET
Vert's New Breed: Coco Zurita

Classic vert no-hander from Coco.

The first triple tailwhip on vert was attempted by Joe Johnson in 1989, and laid dormant until Santiago, Chile's own Francisco 'Coco' Zurita nailed it in the summer of 2007. There's a reason that the trick remained untouched for almost twenty years in the vert realm; it's an all or nothing commitment. "It's one of those tricks that could definitely kill you," says Zurita. Maybe it didn't actually kill Coco in the process, but it definitely sidelined him with a broken ankle during another go at the 2007 X Games. He's since recovered, but the triple tailwhip's better days may have come and gone for Coco.

Get to know Coco Zurita, South America's answer to the new breed of vert.