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Monday, July 27, 2009
Cons Coastal Carnage

First, second and third: Raven Tershay, Cullen Caples and Kevin Kowalski.
This weekend's Cons Coastal Carnage in Huntington beach, had the grown-ups wondering what the hell happened to the kids. A slew of wildcards made the results unexpected and everyone was shredding, so judging must have been real hard (not like Antwuan "hard", difficult). The top three were:

1) Raven Tershay

2) Curren Caples

3) Kevin Kowalski

Tom Remillard won the best trick with a 5-0 to a drifty fakie in the oververt capsule. Notables were the full grown men, namely Tony Trujillo (skated from early morning to late in the evening), Chad Bartie and Cons' own Rune Glifberg (who had flown in that morning from the Dew Tour in Boston). Adam Dyet with his "do it or dyet trying" See photos and read more after the break.

Andrew Langi front nosegrind up the extension. Dude was taking his classic style to the bowl all day.
But, the kids were just unstoppable. Ben Raybourn won fans over in his funny Zubaz pants . Vince Del Valle showed he can shred bowls, even on an old school Black Label deck. Pedro Barros loves the air. Collin Provost was airing the whole bowl. His most memorable tricks were his alleyoop frontside noseblunt from low to high on the extension and the lien 360 nosepick to fakie (I'm sorry if that's incorrect or makes not sense). Aaron "Jaws" Homoki almost pulled a 540 in the capsule. Andrew Langi danced
Little man Curren Caples really held his own in a bowl full of men and full-sized teens. He lofted stalefishes like this one into second place.
around the whole bowl with his lax style. He almost landed a flyout transfer kickflip to Bob Burnquist style finger flip transfer, which was interesting. Curren Caples boosted every air and his little feet made insane tricks like kickflip front tailslides, kickflip lips and kickflip front blunts (on the extension, I might add) look so simple you might give it a dry and almost kill yourself. Kevin Kowalski was eggplanting the rainbow tombstone (is that an oxymoron?). But, finally, Raven Tershay, underground norcal ripper tore the whole bowl up and came up to accept his first place trophy in a state that could only be described as the hessian's dream—bandaged, T-shirt covered in fresh splotches of blood. The relatively unknown deserved it.
Chad Bartie came out and skated for the grown-ups. No-booger-eating nosepick.

In other news: I think it would be very hard to raise a daughter in Huntington Beach...very, very hard.