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Friday, August 7, 2009
Updated: June 15, 12:28 PM ET
Cory and Benny B Rep the Stars and Stripes

Cory for the red, white and blue.
Well, as promised, we have some results for you from Playa Hermosa, where the Billabong International Surfing Accociation World Games is nearing completion.

Noted earlier this week, ISA President, Fernando Aguerre is working hard to get surfing into the Olympics. But until then, this is the closest thing surfing has, with nations from the South Pacific, Central and South America, and even such European states as Switzerland, Germany and Italy represented, plus Hawaii (which surfs independently) and the usual suspects like Brazil, Australia, South Africa and the US.

This is not only the first year that Billabong has been the presenting sponsor, but it's also the first year that it's been held in Central America. And anyone who knows Hermosa is well aware of its backbreak beach breaks. The surf has been consistent the whole time, with some tube time available. Today's late round action has enjoyed some of the best surf yet.

We're looking at the finals happening tomorrow. The longboarders are in their repercharge heats now. North Carolina's Tony Silvagnii has been stellar.

The woman have gone at it courageously all week, and the late rounds are looking to have international flavor with Pauline Ado, of France, former world champ Sofia Mulanovich, of Peru, Alessa Rosanne Hodge of South Africa, and the US's Sage Ericson. Today in the Repercharge heat, Courtney Conoluge dropped a 9.3 and comboed the field.

Now, how's this for your Open? Cory and Benny B, will both be there representing the US against Gabriel Villaran, of Peru and Hank Gaskell, of Hawaii.

The World Games is also structured to crown a winning nation. US Coach, Ian Cairns, asked several ASP heavies to surf this year, as well as Lopez and Benny B, who are currently off the tour. If you recall, Ceej killed it in the name of the Stars and Stripes in '08. Right now, the US leads Hawaii, 19080 points to 16960, followed by South Africa and France.

The finals go down tomorrow. The webcast can be seen here.