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Thursday, September 10, 2009
Updated: September 21, 6:44 PM ET
Kassia Meador Does New York City

By Crissy Van Meter

Meador's photography captured over the last year in Morocco, Austraila, Indo and Southern California.
Kassia Meador has been busy traveling the world, starring in surf flicks, and of course catching some of the tastiest swells out there. She's developed a natural love for the sea and has captured it all on Polaroids. 'Instamatic' is a collection of Meador's photos that show a glimpse into her life through her eyes. She's got a fresh and modern take and is likely to continue on as an insightful photog. Her photos have appeared at the Green Room Art Festival in Japan and now made an official showing in New York City at the swanky Tribecca Grand Hotel. I caught up with her at the opening.

Kassia enjoyed her grand opening at the swanky Tribecca Grand Hotel.
What's 'Instamatic'?
They're just Polaroids that I took the last year of my life, kind of January '08 through January '09. I was just shooting my life on the road with friends and things I saw. I've got eleven pieces up and I'm pretty excited about it!

You like being in New York?
I love being in New York. You know, this place is so inspiring for so many reasons because people are always doing so much and this time of year you have really good waves. I got really fun, fun surf out at Rockaway and I'm going home on Thursday but I'm going to come back in a couple weeks and stay here for the rest of the month just chasing hurricanes around.

How do the photos relate to your surfing?
I guess the photos relate more to me than my surfing, you know what I mean? It's really just the world I see when I'm traveling through my eyes. Whether it's my friends, people, the waves, boards that are influential to me, it's really just a glimpse of my life of this past year in my eyes.