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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
East Coast Storm Without A Name

All those hours watching the Tropical Update and a random low makes these kind of freight trains.

The surf got big this weekend here on the East Coast. But because this storm didn't have a name and because it was a few days after the holiday weekend (instead of before the holiday weekend) no one really heard about it.

I think it's hysterical that a minor tropical storm in August can have the media buzzing about "rough surf advisories," but when a nor'easter swallows whole sections of beach during the first week of the NFL season, no one cares.

It's probably better that way. No fanfare, no cops on the beach, and all the summertime gawkers are tailgating in a parking lot somewhere inland.

The Atlantic served up a nice helping of raw burger late last week. I watched Jeremy Johnston, Kyle Garson, and Nils Schwietzer go nuts on a few meat lockers in New Jersey before things ever cleaned up.

We love this shot because its so rare. How often do you see multiple guys pitted on an Outer Banks aerial shot?
Hmmm, where could this be?

But the real helpings were served on the Outer Banks, where the solid lines roped down the beach better than anything from the much-talked about Hurricane Bill and Tropical Storm Danny.

The high profile spots were unloading and there were barrels to be found at those random stretches off Highway 12.

The boys down there are gearing up for the WRV Outer Banks Pro presented by Hurley this weekend and the Eastern Surfing Association's Eastern Championships next week. Looks like more surf for the weekend, but some wind.

That's shaper/surfer Pat McManus coming through a throaty one, taken by shaper/surfer/photographer, Mickey McCarthy.