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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Fishing in Seattle

What do you do on an off day when your team is seemingly out of the pennant race and you have some time to kill?

If you're A.J. Pierzynski and Gordon Beckham you go fishing. According to Mark Yuasa of The Seattle Times, the players, along with White Sox media relations man Bob Beghtol and assistant trainer Brian Ball, charted a boat early Monday morning after arriving in Seattle. The group went out on Puget Sound in search of coho and pink salmon.

Yuasa notes that Ball may have been the big winner on the day, nabbing the largest and second-largest fish on the trip. Of course, Pierzynski probably didn't see it that way. His quote to Yuasa is loaded with sarcasm toward Ball.

"Besides [Ball] missing 17 fish in row," Pierzynski joked, "it was a good fun time, and we got our limit so that was nice. When we come back next year we'll be out again."

Beckham agrees.

"I definitely will come back out again to go fishing on an off day next year, and it is great to come to cities like this and do what is native to the land," Beckham said, according to the Times article.

My only wish is that the next time these guys go fishing anywhere they do everything they can to bring White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen along. I would pay to watch Guillen attempt to catch fish and talk his way through the day. I think there is a television show in there somewhere. "Fishin' with Ozzie" could become an instant hit because he would discuss anything and everything that comes to his mind on the boat. What is the over/under on curse words when Guillen actually hooks a fish? I'll start it at 50 and take the over.

Thanks to my buddy Jon Greenberg for sending me this link