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Friday, September 18, 2009
Updated: June 15, 12:11 PM ET
What's in a (Domain) Name?

I figure I can sell this domain name to Matt Tinley for a few bucks.

You know those stories of those guys who bought a random domain name back in 1998 and then sold it for $7 million? Well, today I was thinking about maybe poking around on the internet and seeing if I could maybe find a few names that have yet to be snatched up for $3.99 that I could turn a profit on. Then I could live the rest of my days on a chartered sailboat, ironing the kinks out of my bad barrel riding-style, listening to Lucero and eating raw fish.

First thing that came to my mind was to buy, but apparently that already belongs to some drunken golf goons in the UK. Turns out that is still up for grabs, as is Well, not anymore. I just grabbed them both with for $10.

Then I started getting crazy, thinking of different scenarios. While is taken, no one has dibs on I'm on it. With Ceej doing so well, I thought maybe might sell to some Florida billionaire someday. And the way Rob is surfing, perhaps maybe, or knowing he would probably have something more community based for the kids of Cardiff, it would be dot "org."

"Yeah kids. If I win, I'll probably toss the trophy out back with the rest of them."

I know it's kind of my job to present other news and happenings outside of Southern California, especially to my fellow cynical East Coasters, but I do have a few thoughts on the Hurley Pro.

First off, I think the way Hurley delivers this event is pretty on. If the ASP (or whatever tour) gets a little juice they need to keep every webcast the same and Hurley has a good model.

Second, I know Hurley has a music division, so they must have access to some decent tunes. Whatever nuevo pop whine-core they're playing with the highlights has to go. And if "that's what kids are listening to these days," well the kids need to be straightened out. Didn't Hurley put out the last T.S.O.L. record?

I'm really loving the way Josh Kerr is surfing. He did a legit varial earlier. I'm kind of pulling for him (am I allowed to say that?)

Josh Kerr is among the most progressive surfers thus far.

The heat to watch is going to be Rob and Dane. It's going to be a very heated contest of who hates contests more (but of course, they will be very mellow about it.)

Anyway, keep it tuned to ESPN as we've got a bunch of dope stuff dropping with the finals this weekend.