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Sunday, September 20, 2009
Updated: October 16, 2:25 PM ET
Dew Tour Salt Lake City recap and results

By Mary Buckheit
ESPN Action Sports

Daniel Dhers double tail whip in Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City -- You want more Dew Tour? Open wide. We were on site at the second-to-last-stop of action sport's traveling circuit to deliver the goods direct to your door. Here are some highlights from our weekend in The Ute. Asher Roth kicked it off from the stage on Friday night. Man, I love action.

Skateboard Vert Podium:

1. Bucky Lasek, Baltimore, Md., 90.25.

2. Andy Macdonald, Boston, Mass., 90.25.

3. Sandro Dias, Brazil, 89.25.

Notable Nuggets: Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Rob Lorifice rounded out the final top five. Bucky's win in Salt Lake coupled with his win in Boston earlier this summer puts him atop the leader board in the season's Dew Tour overall vert rankings. Bucky looked like he was having as much fun as he has had all summer, and he was skating like it too. Effortlessly, he hucked huge 360's, switch sweetness, too, plus backlips and blunt sides. Bucky's back, PLG and Andy Mac are right behind in the overall vert standings as they brace for the last stop in Orlando mid-October.

Skateboard Park Podium:

1. Rodolfo Ramos, Brazil, 88.83

2. Chris Cole, Philadelphia, Pa., 88.05

3. Nick Dompierre, East Freetown, Mass., 84.93

Skate park podium
Notable Nuggets: Ryan Decenzo, Tyler Hendley and Greg Lutzka filled out the list of six skaters who survived to the Final Round. Dew park perennials Chaz Ortiz and Paul Rodriguez were noticeably absent in the final jam. Rodolfo Ramos, who nabbed his first Tour win ever told me after stepping off the podium that he's been, "nervous for three days" since arriving in Salt Lake. He was so juiced, in fact, that he tossed his insides twice on Saturday morning. His brother helped him to calm down all afternoon and eventually he was just out there to do what he does and ended up stomping the comp that night. Chaz Ortiz seemed out of sorts on the board, his score suffered from struggling attempts at a long-time-landed double flip front board. Chris Cole wowed the crowd ALL NIGHT LONG with his signature creative uber tech tricks and slides down -- and up -- the course rails. With the second place finish, Cole assumes the top spot in the overall skate park tour standings. Ramos remained atop the leaderboard through every round and reeled in the win with steeze that included a hardflip 5-0, a back tail on the hubba, and a hardflip back 180 out. Nick Dompierre was a welcomed addition to the mix after sitting out in Portland with an injury. He said he hasn't competed since X Games but the kid wasn't stale, sliding into a third place finish.

Transworld Best Trick Jam Winner: Ryan Decenzo took the loot with his switch 270 frontside boardslide to fakie beating out a field that included SLC locals Adam Dyet and Christian Sereika.

BMX Dirt Podium:

1. Ryan Nyquist, San Jose, Calif., 92.56

2. TJ Ellis, Moreno Valley, Calif., 92.31

3. Brandon Dosch, Lake Orion, Mich., 91.75

Notable Nuggets: Nyquist dominated the SLC skies under the lights Friday Night with a bag of tricks that included a one-handed x-up 360, an opposite 360 tuck no-hander and a 720 one-footed x-up. Nyquist leads the overall Dirt standings ahead of Brandon Dosch and Dennis Enarson, respectively.

BMX Park Podium:

1. Daniel Dhers, Venezuela, 92.50

2. Garrett Reynolds, Toms River, N.J., 91.63

3. Brett Banasiewicz, South Bend, Ind., 91.50

Notable Nuggets: Salt Lake was home to 14-year-old Brett Banasiewicz's inaugural Dew Tour podium. Dhers, who is always in the hunt finally nabbed his first win of '09 by way of a 360 barspin backwards over the box, a 360 backflip tailwhip and a corked 720 over the street spine Only one remaining stop to toss the standings like a salad, Garrett Reynolds is still atop the Dew Tour 2009's BMX Park overall standings. Chasing close behind are Dave Mirra, Daniel Dhers, Mark Webb and Ryan Nyquist, respectively.

BMX Vert Podium:

1. Jamie Bestwick, Great Britain, 93.38

2. Chad Kagy, Gilroy, Calif., 92.13

3. Steven McCann, Australia, 91.13

Notable Nuggets: Jamie Bestwick is an absolute machine. & Mathematically, he heads into Orlando as the almost assured winner of the 2009 Dew Vert overall standings, thus netting his fifth (!) Dew Cup. & Said Bestwick when asked about his win in Salt Lake relieving pressure for the last stop of the summer he said, "Less pressure? I think it's actually a case now of more pressure. It's not mine, I want to go out there and make it mine." & Said Chad Kagy of Bestwick's dominance, "Jamie's been riding vert for probably 25 years. I've been riding vert for nine. That's the thing with Jamie, he's been doing this for so long, we're all just out here trying to play catch up. I think it's only a matter of time." & Jamie on Jamie, "When I'm on top of the ramp, I want to go out and do my best but for me, I wait for someone to beat my score and that's when I'm like, OK, now I've got to lay it down. I like that feeling of the pressure that comes with having to answer."