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Friday, October 16, 2009
Updated: January 19, 1:38 PM ET
Dew Tour Orlando Recap and Results

By Mary Buckheit
ESPN Action Sports

For its fifth stop this summer, the Dew Tour pulled into the Sunshine State for its 2009 finale of bike and skate. The table had been set for several storied showdowns. While Jamie Bestwick owned BMX Vert all season, it was still a horserace in the other arenas. Skate Vert was up for grabs with the first-, second-, and third -ranked riders (Bucky Lasek, Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Andy Macdonald) separated by only six points. And Skate Park standings had been so shaken—not stirred—all season long, the glass was half full for the finals with Ryan Sheckler out, Chaz Ortiz up-and-down, P-Rod reeling and Chris Cole always the bridesmaid.

When you're looking for this season in the library next year, you'll find it filed in the Drama section.

Here's how it went down.


Jamie Bestwick
BMX VERT Podium:
1. Jamie Bestwick, Nottingham, Great Britain, 93.25.
2. Chad Kagy, Gilroy, Calif., 92.50.
3. Kevin Robinson, East Providence, R.I., 90.63.

The Set Up: The top three riders in the Dew Cup points standings automatically advanced to the Finals (Jamie Bestwick (300pts), Steven McCann (246pts), Chad Kagy (236pts) and competed against the top seven finishers from Thursday's prelims.

High Honors: Obviously, this was a race for second place. Jamie Bestwick locked it down with his first run of the night by boosting bigger than anyone and landing the likes of an alley-oop downside tailwhip over the channel and an additional alley-oop five.

Bestwick couldn't be beat this season, taking the top spot in every single BMX Vert comp of '09 and registering Dew wins in Chicago, Portland, Salt Lake City and Orlando (not to mention a Summer X Games Gold in Los Angeles in between). At 38 years old, the man is a well-oiled machine. He continues to do it bigger and better than everyone else. Every. Single. Time.

With the win in Orlando, Bestwick earned the 2009 Dew Cup. In fact, Bestwick is the only athlete ever to win the Dew Cup. He's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, but he doesn't share well with others, not even his friends. He is the first Dew athlete—in any discipline—ever to run the table with wire-to-wire wins for a perfectly undefeated season. God save the King.

Notable Nugs: Stevey McCann just missed the podium. Austin Coleman provided some fan-favorite runs. Chad Kagy gave it everything he had including a huge Superman seatgrab Indian air, followed by a double tail and flashy flairs all folded into his dialed style of back-to-back-to-back tricks. Jimmy Walker landed his first-ever 900 in competition. Tim Wood took the scariest slam of the weekend on his first run shattering part of his helmet on the flat-bottom but still managed to make it back for a second try—A for effort.

1. Jamie Bestwick ** 2009 Dew Cup Champion
2. Chad Kagy
3. Steven McCann
4. Kevin Robinson
5. Jimmy Walker


Paul Rodriguez
1. Chris Cole, Philadelphia, PA, 88.48
2. Paul Rodriguez, Tarzana, CA, 87.90
3. Greg Lutzka, Milwaukee, WI, 86.75

The Set Up: The top three skaters in the points standings got a bye to the Finals—Chris Cole (262 pts), Ryan Decenzo (238 pts) and Chaz Ortiz (228 pts) and the following nine skaters from Thursday's prelims were also in the mix (in order of qualifying): Greg Lutzka, Milton Martinez, Danilo DoRosario, Rodolfo Ramos, Timmy Knuth, Chris Mendes, Paul Rodriguez, Jordan Hoffart and Austen Seaholm.

High Honors: Coming into the final stop atop the overall point standings, Chris Cole needed only to place anywhere on the podium—first, second or third in Orlando—to take home the 2009 Dew Cup. "There's more pressure now that you put it that way," he told me the day before competition. "Now I know I have to podium. I have a third place and two seconds this season, it'd be nice to have a first place, that's the way I'd want to win the Cup." Mission accomplished.

The Quoatable Chris Cole: "It's so hot down here today I have to be careful. I don't want to get one of those salty sweat stains on my jeans tomorrow."

Didn't he bring another pair of pants, you ask?

"I did, but I'm so particular, I'll probably wear the same ones. All I brought were these and a pair of khakis, but you know how those get kind of stretched out and baggy and gangster? That's not my style. I'm going with the same pair of jeans."

1. Chris Cole ** 2009 Dew Cup Champion
2. Chaz Ortiz
3. Paul Rodriguez
4. Ryan Decenzo
5. Rodolfo Ramos


BMX Dirt podium.
BMX DIRT Podium:
1. Brandon Dosch, Lake Orion, Mich., 92.87
2. TJ Ellis, Moreno Valley, Calif., 92.00
3. Rob Darden, Greenville, N.C., 90.69

The Setup: The top three competitors in the Dew Cup points standings automatically advanced to the BMX Dirt Finals—Ryan Nyquist (282pts), Brandon Dosch (248pts) and Dennis Enarson (226pts), along with the top nine finishers from Thursday's prelims. The nine riders who advanced to the finals included Anthony Napolitan, Colton Satterfield, TJ Ellis, Rob Darden, Chris Doyle, Chris Gerber, Ryan Guettler, Luke Parslow and Cameron White.

Notable Nugs: Autumn temps finally rolled into Orlando on Saturday night and so did the valiant veterans of BMX. Among the 12 riders facing off under the lights were all four past winners of the Dirt Dew title (Ryan Guettler, Anthony Napolitan, Ryan Nyquist and Cameron White) but the contest belonged to Brandon Dosch who finally took home his first victory. Dosch rode well all weekend and sealed the win with his last run that included pristine tricks on every hip like the triple tailwhip and a downside whip 360. The contest was close but there was no questioning Dosch's supremacy.

The sleeper in Orlando was TJ Ellis whose third run opened with a no handed flip into a fan-favorite front flip over the second hip. This showing jolted him up to second place on the podium which was good for third place in the season's overall Dew Dirt standings.

High Honors: Ryan Nyquist was off the podium for the first time all season but that doesn't mean he was a disappointment. His first run was good enough to solidify fifth place in the Orlando standings. Surely he was aware that a sixth place finish, or better, effectively secured his place atop the season's rankings. The vet coasted through his last runs ending with a ka-ching air and a big smile over his last hip of the year.

1. Ryan Nyquist ** Dew Cup Champion
2. Brandon Dosch
3. TJ Ellis
4. Dennis Enarson
5. Rob Darden

BMX Dirt Best Trick.

1. Bucky Lasek, Baltimore, MD, 90.88
2. Andy Macdonald, Boston, MA, 85.63
3. Sandro Dias, Santo Andre, Brazil, 84.75

The Set Up: The top three athletes in the Dew Cup standings automatically advanced to the finals (Bucky Lasek (268 pts.), Pierre-Luc Gagnon (266 pts.), Andy Macdonald (262 pts.) to face off against the seven best riders from Friday's prelims (Sandro Dias, Bob Burnquist, Alex Perelson, Rob Lorifice, Paul-luc Ronchetti, Adam Taylor, Anthony Furlong).

Notable Nugs: Five months of nose-to-nose competition all came down to O-Town for Bucky, PLG and Andy Mac, who each had a veritable shot at taking home the 2009 Vert Dew Cup with a win in the final contest. Of the three riders in the hunt, PLG was the first to skate himself out of contention. The Canadian commander was off his rhythm all afternoon and failed to put up a single clean run in the final jam. Andy Mac made an early push with several fall-free runs in the final 10-minute jam. It looked like his consistency and a slew of solid 720s might be enough for all the loot, but down the stretch, it was Bucky who strung together righteous runs as the clock ticked down. Lasek eventually nosed passed the field by sticking his patented nollie flip stalefish. Sandro Dias took the third spot in Orlando for his third of four possible podiums this season. For his efforts he earned the No. 3 spot on in the final 2009 Dew season standings.

High Honors: The win in Orlando was the third Dew stop top for Bucky, who also stole the show in Salt Lake and Boston. For his efforts, he finished in first place on the season and was crowned the 2009 Dew vert champ. That feat netted the third Dew Cup for his mantle (also 2005, 2006).

1. Bucky Lasek ** Dew Cup Champion
2. Andy Macdonald
3. Sandro Dias
4. Bob Burnquist
5. Pierre-Luc Gagnon


Daniel Dhers.
BMX PARK Podium:
1. Ryan Nyquist, San Jose, CA, 94.38
2. Daniel Dhers, Caracas, Venezuela, 93.75
3. Mark Webb, Southsea, Great Britain, 92.38

The Set Up: The top three athletes in the Dew Cup standings automatically advanced to the finals (Garrett Reynolds (280 pts.), Dave Mirra (258 pts.), Daniel Dhers (238 pts.) and faced off against the top nine riders from Friday's prelims (Ryan Nyquist, Mark Webb, Rob Darden, Dennis Enarson, Drew Bezanson, Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Guettler, Austin Coleman, Allan Cooke).

High Honors: Coming into Orlando, the park favorites were Garrett Reynolds and Dave Mirra. Reynolds had a 22-point lead on the vet, but Mirra, 35, had 16 years of life experience on the young gun. Both had a bye into the final round. Ryan Nyquist was not an automatic in. He scaled the standings by finishing first among the field of 31 riders in park prelims. The next day, riding the momentum from his 2009 Dirt Dew Cup win the night before, Nyquist scorched through the park finals. He upset the three top seeds and finished in first place—his only podium of the season in the park.

Notable Nugs: Highlights from the final included Dave Mirra's backflip bunny hop drop-in from the top of the wall. He slammed humpty-dumpty style on the first attempt and proceeded to pass on the rest of his run, but stomped it the second time around, and tacked on a clean 60 seconds from there. The crowd ate it up, but the judges deemed it only enough for a fourth place finish.

Runner-up, Daniel Dhers left it all in Orlando. He cased on a huge turndown tail 720 attempt in his second run, but nobody can say he didn't go with gusto. The fearless Brit, Mark Webb placed third in the O-zone for his first Dew trophy ever. Perennial podium-topper Garrett Reynolds had unfortunate slip-ups in the last seconds of both of his final runs relegating him to seventh place, making this last Dew stop the only contest of '09 that Reynolds left without a trophy.

Farewell Cookie: Two-time X Games medalist (Dirt gold in '02 and Big Air bronze in '06) and inventor of the backflip Superman seatgrab, Allan Cooke announced he would retire from competition after the contest in Orlando. The 27-year-old vet postponed his R&R one more day when he snuck into the ninth spot at prelims qualifying him for one more final go-round. Adios, amigo. You'll be missed.

1. Garrett Reynolds ** Dew Cup Champion
2. Dave Mirra
3. Daniel Dhers
4. Mark Webb
5. Ryan Nyquist