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Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Updated: June 14, 5:28 PM ET
BFF: Brain Farm Forever

We step into the mind's eye of Curt Morgan.

Brain Farm Cinema, the company that brought you last year's stellar flick "That's It, That's All," launched a new web site this week that makes one thing very clear: These guys are in it to win it. The new site gives a much deeper look into what Brain Farm does in terms of digital cinematography and suggests that we have only seen the beginning of what this confident crew, headed up by Curt Morgan, is capable of.

With such tools at their disposal as gyro-stabilized heli cams, custom-built cinema trucks and sleds, 007-level customs clearance and, most importantly, an undeniable talent at the helm, Brain Farm continues to grow some powerful stuff out of their Jackson Hole HQ. And with everything from coyotes to FMX, the new site will keep your eyes entertained for multiple visits, but we wanted to dig a little deeper so we hit up Curt Morgan for a quick card dump.

Read the full interview here.