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Thursday, December 3, 2009
Updated: June 15, 11:26 AM ET
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Spending quality time.

Recovering from an injury isn't easy for any athlete. On top of the obvious pain and grueling rehab, there are the questions that keep going through your head. If being a surfer helps define your life, what does your life become when you're not surfing?

Luckily, North Carolina's Jesse Hines is a multi-dimensional character. He's not only one of the preeminent freesurfer/barrel riders on the East Coast, he's also a musician and loyal husband. The recovery has given him time to become even better at these things — and be around the dog and cat.

Back in late October, Hines pulled into an inside drainer and broke his tibula and fibula on one of the Outer Banks famed sandbars.

According to his doctor (an Outer Banks surfer himself) his recovery is going quicker than expected.

"I really don't want to put a time on it — 'it' being shredding once again, because I don't want to set myself up for disappointment if it takes longer than I think. Going to start swimming this week to re coop and get some exercise. It's definitely been hard sitting around.

This is where Jesse spends the most time. Not on the couch.

On the flip side I have had a lot of time to spend at home with my wife, dog, and cat, and catch up on some books I've wanted to read. Been able to write some new songs as well, and am looking to get some recording equipment in hopes of recording them."

Hines has been strumming and crooning for some time now. With Kim Diggs on the keyboard and Trey Simmons on drums, he released In the Right Time, on Broken Miracle Records. It's a mellow brand of singer/songwriter stuff. You can here the title track and other recordings here.

The injury has given him some time to do some thinking in Kitty Hawk.

The boo boo.

"It's been really good as a whole. I don't really have a deep epiphany to share, but being injured is definitely sobering. It's very easy to assess what is most important to you and realize how much you really have. I was going pretty fast for the past few years, so it has been good and also very hard to slow down and realize what really matters. It has been clear that the relationships with my friends and family should be at the forefront of my life and ultimately in my mind, and not what trip I should be on or how many people listened to my songs on Myspace today. I wish it didn't take me breaking my leg to realize something that simple, but I, like most other humans, have to learn the hard way."

Hines recently ditched the crutches and is in a walking boot, which has allowed him to drive again.

And while you have probably seen plenty of footage of Jesse in the pit at S-Turns, his wife, Whitney shot this clip to add to his next big film project.