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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Koston at the illustrious Denver park.
As always, the online videos pile up. Here are a few:

Kincade #28 spies on the neighbors along with Nick Trapasso, Neen Williams, David Reyes, Pat Pasqual, Angel Ramirez, Austin Stephens, Grant Hatfield, Julian Davidson, Dan Lutheran, Matt Bennett and a lot more.

Nike implores you, Don't Fear the Sweeper. Watch the trailer and await the January 11th release.

Other Nike associate, P-Rod has a Day in the Life that reaffirms the fact that he's cooler than a penguin in Anarctica. Whether his skating's your style or not, he's good as hell and an all-around good dude.

On the subject of Nike (I swear this is not a blatant Nike plug), their amateur guy, Cory Kennedy, makes me think that it would suck to be a professional skateboarder today, when there are dudes that are so good, they can put out an Internet nugget that is almost as good as your average video part. Jeez!

Lastly, the dudes at Crailtap finally take the piss out of the fact that Alex Olson appeared in that slightly embarrassing, yet very hilarious, IMBOYCRAZY interview. Check him shred Venice.

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