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Monday, December 14, 2009
Updated: June 15, 11:20 AM ET
The Other Coolie Kid

Morrison ousted Fanning, from the Billabong Pipeline Masters.

While the drama unfolded at Pipeline Saturday, it was an emotional roller coaster in the little Aussie Gold Coast town of Coolangatta. All late season, we've been watching, hearing, and reading about longtime friends -- number one and number two-ranked Mick and Parko. In Round Three of the Billabong Pipeline Masters, Joel Parkinson lost his heat, effectively handing Mick Fanning his second ASP World Title.

But there was a third Coolie Kid in the water, one who grew up with Mick and Parko. He hasn't seen as many headlines this year. He's the underground Aussie, Dean Morrison. But his surfing was the catalyst that caused everything Saturday. The ASP dual heat format had Parko vs. Gavin Gillete in the water the same time as Morrison vs. Mick when it all went down.

Right after Mick accepted his World Tour trophy, I met up with Dingo on the deck of the Volcom house. We chatted while Pipe was still firing. But he was resting up for the quarterfinals.

That's Dingo on the right, celebrating Mick's title directly after beating him in the heat.

There was a lot of emotion out there today, especially for the Coolie Kids. You want to tell me about that?

Yeah, it was pretty ironic. We're all out in the water together -- the three of us, at the same time when Mick actually won the world title. For Joel, it was a bit of a bummer. He's had such a great year. But he's such a great sportsman and he took it really well. He was there for Mick to carry him up the beach. That was awesome that he was there for Mick as Mick won another world title.

So, your families obviously go way back?

We all grew up together. We all kind of hung around and surfed a lot. Mostly up at Mick's Mum's house because it was by the spots we surfed. When you know each other from growing up, you always stay close.

Mick Fanning's Mom congratulates her son's longtime friend, Morrison. "It's just like when ya were rugrats."

So, Parko loses. Then you beat Mick. What was going on out there?

I remember when we paddled out. I saw Joel and I knew he needed a score. Our heat hadn't started yet, but Mick kind of paddled away to the outside and waited for the countdown. I was like, "man, you must be nervous." But he had his poker face on and was pretty calm and collected.

The time got down and then Joel had that wave. He didn't make it and Mick was just ecstatic.

So, you came in after you beat Mick and actually shouldered him up the beach?

Oh yeah. Sure. I enjoy them achieving whatever they achieve. It's a joy for me as well. We're great friends and it's inspiring too.

How about the fact that you made the finals here two years ago, when Pipe was kind of a let down and the finals were actually at Off the Wall. This is your chance to do this at proper Pipe with plenty of swell.

Morrison has Damien Hobgood between himself and the semifinals.

It's great just to be out in the water. I was in first heat today and I'll be the first heat next round. It's just nice to be out in the water with one other guy. It's a pretty rare moment.

Plus, I enjoy tuberiding. This is one of the best barrels around. And I know those guys are backing me up at this point, so it's all good.

Dingo surfs against Damien Hobgood when the event resumes.