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Monday, December 14, 2009
Danny Garcia's Music in Habitat's Euro Tour

Not to beat a dead horse, but while one part of skateboarding becomes a world tinged with athletic tape, energy drinks and a vibe that lends itself more to the workout regiments of pro athletes than the meager beginnings of skateboarding that involved an organic approach to a board and your surroundings, there's still a whole faction of skateboarding that we can loosely refer to as the "creative" side. There are a gazillion examples of this (Natas Kaupas' art, Arto Saari's photography, Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee's music, etc.), but one of the more recent ones happens to be Habitat's Danny Garcia.

Being friends with the once-sponsored skateboarder turned Orange-County-ish, surf/skate-scene musical darling, Matt Costa (check out his skating from 2000), Danny Garcia has most likely had some pointers along the way and some inspiration to keep making music. Most recently, his guitar noodlings were featured in Habitat Skateboard's video from their Continental Caravan European Tour, which also had heart-warming skating* from Kerry Getz, Guru Khalsa, Daryl Angel, Marius Syvanen and Habitat International's Manuel Margreiter.

But, aside from accompanying Habitat's short tour video, Danny Garcia actually toured with Matt Costa this last summer/fall, as an opening act along a portion of Costa's North American tour. No telling what will come down the road, but it's nice to see the tradition of someone who's crafty on the board, continue to be as creative off it.

*heart-warming because footage of Habitat riders hasn't seemed to come out in a while, so it's nice to see.

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