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Thursday, December 17, 2009
The Great ÚScape Pt. 3

An American Mike Anderson in Europe. Back Smith on a fortuitous barrier-turned-skate spot.
There's something a little fresher about the new ÚS squad and I'm not talking about the all-over print T-shirts, hip-hop-ish duds or high tech shoes. No, ÚS's squad has morphed in the past few years, but in a much more organic way than Osiris circa "Subject to Change" (although, that is one of the better Osiris videos, unless you count "The Storm" for the sheer wackiness of it). Simply put, ÚS seems rejuvenated. There's a spark with the addition of John Rattray and a new synergy in the mix of Mike Anderson, Bobby Worrest and the ams. It's as if it's saying hello again, without slimming down the pants or making itself over with new jewelry and bracelets. Check out part 3 of The Great ÚScape Tour.