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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Pop culture's bottom 10 of the decade

By Jay Corbin and Jon Mahoney

With 2009 quickly coming to an end, we recently looked back on the decade that was and offered up our picks for the best in pop culture. With Jay-Z and Lil Wayne in their prime, movie-quality TV shows like "Lost" popping up and Jordan Brand continuing to release hot sneakers, there was a lot to love.

But there was also a lot to hate. For the decade's worst in pop culture, coming up with a ranked order was next to impossible. We tried, but how do you judge what's worse when it's all so regrettable?

Reality TV

It isn't even real! Reality TV put a temporary hold on the era of great sitcoms and storylines. Luckily, with shows like "Modern Family," that's all coming back.

MTV Not Playing Videos

How could the TV station that ushered in music videos just stop playing them?

Athletes Rapping

Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Tony Parker and Ron Artest set a bad example. Now J.J. Redick is putting the finishing touches on his own record. Hopefully that's not a sign this trend will continue into the '10s.

Rappers Who Can't Rap

Things got so bad that by the end of the decade we started going back to listening to our hip-hop albums from the '90s. Thanks, Soulja Boy.

Viral Video Dances

Doing The Jerk, Stanky Leg, and Ricky Bobby is what happens when you have a lot of time on your hands, a YouTube account and a video camera.


Thanks to this wonderful product, anyone who couldn't sing thought they could. The hip-hop industry suffered as a result. Finally Jay-Z declared "D.O.A." this year. And not a moment too soon.


Considered one of the worst movies ever made, Mariah Carey had the audacity to say it was her best performance. After "Glitter" was released in 2001, it took the better part of the decade for Mariah to redeem herself.

Skinny Jeans

You ever hear the phrase, "too much information"? We get that by you wearing these.

Keeping Sticker on Fitted Hats

Do we really need to know your head size?

UGG Boots On Guys

Dude, we know they keep your feet warm, but they're made for your girlfriend.