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Friday, January 1, 2010
Bowls already dropping knowledge on us

The Jan. 1 bowls are just underway, yet we've already learned a lot this bowl season:

Mountain West Conference = GREATEST CONFERENCE EVER!!:- Mountain West teams are 4-0 so far in bowls, including convincing wins over Oregon State and Cal. It sure is good TCU got screwed out of the BCS title game. We want to see a close game, not a blowout.

non-BCS > BCS:- Non-BCS teams are 3-2 so far in games against BCS teams, including the MWC wins mentioned above, as well as Navy beating Missouri. And it would have been 4-1 had Temple not collapsed against UCLA. Bill Cosby will not give U-C-L-A any of his J-E-L-L-O.

Pac-10 is, like, soooo 2008-2009: The Pac-10 was undefeated in bowl season last year. Through the Dec. 31 games, the conference is 2-4. And one of those wins came from the lowly USC program!

Big East is the new Pac-10: The Big East is 3-0 so far in bowls. Enjoy it, Big East. I think this means you'll stink next bowl season.

ACC is the new ACC: As in still not good. The ACC is 2-3 bowls so far. Hey, 2-3! That reminds me of a 2-3 zone! Who wants to watch some basketball?

Case Keenum has unofficially announced he is returning for his senior season: The Houston quarterback, he of the Liberty Bowl dreams, will be back for his senior year. Because he threw six interceptions on Thursday in Houston's blowout loss to Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl. But who knows. Maybe he was just trying to show support for our troops.