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Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Habitat in the European Union

Maybe it's an inflated sense of self, but I consider myself pretty cultured and accepting of things somewhat foreign to myself. But, I guess other people aren't, which explains why Habitat skateboards made two of their E.U. team members, Manuel Margreiter and Gunes Özdogan pro in the European Union only. This means they will have boards coming out in that area and not necessarily here, eliminating the awkwardness felt by people who have a hard time separating how European someone is and how good they are at skateboarding (or can't stop laughing at a very European name like Jussi). Declaring a strictly European pro is an interesting idea, but take a look at the Habitat press release to see just how good Manu and Gunes are and try to figure out how you would handle it. Either way, boards coming soon.