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Friday, January 8, 2010
Updated: January 9, 4:53 AM ET
A picture-perfect BCS title game

Congratulations, Alabama! And also to Texas. You both earned some picture captions.

"I just felt Colt might be upset if I caught someone else's passes."

"Would you please tell my defensive coordinator to calm down!"

"That better not be the Tiger Woods kind."

"I wish they knew I'm also not smiling on the inside."

"That Hook'em Horns thing IS kind of fun to do."

"I think if Colt had some sweet bangs he would have been more protected out there."

"What's that I see over there? A more lucrative job?"

"If anyone touches me, shoot them."

"Oh, wow. My grandmother would love this."

"People say I could be more effective if I didn't cover my eyes when I throw. But they're just haters."

"I am totally stealing the show."

"I throw as well as any quarterback in this conference!"

"Drawing plays up in the dirt is hard when you don't have your reading glasses."

"Go Tennessee! Woooo!"

"We know you think Boise State deserves more attention, Coach Petersen. But this is not the way to do it."