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Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Updated: June 16, 10:38 AM ET
Pros Gone Wild

Whenever Tanner Hall says "Lemme say one thing," you know you're in for exactly one thing: an extended diatribe which will send shoutouts to at least five different people, and touch on a wide variety of subjects related to skiing in the terrain park, skiing out of the terrain park, and music that is featured in ski movies.

Tanner Hall
Hall on real skiing: "Simon Dumont. [Kung Fu sound effect] that!"
You'll usually hear the word "BOOM!" somewhere or other in there, too.

Hall, who is hailed by many as the best skier alive for an impressive list of achievements that includes: was a fount of insight on skiing on the sidelines Red Bull Line Catcher contest in Vars, France where Candide "Where The [Kung Fu sound effect] Have You Been All This Time I Have Missed You So Much" Thovex took his first contest win since his severe back injury in 2007.

A French Joe Francis enthusiast caught up with Tanner to bring you this message:

Tanner Hall's insights on skiing...