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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Updated: June 14, 6:50 PM ET
Kuoppa and Jungle Rider

Martti Kuoppa and Jungle Rider's first prototype frame. Love that shirt!

After putting KGB to rest a few months ago (and being disqualified from the World Classic earlier this month), flatland legend Martti Kuoppa is back with a new company dubbed Jungle Rider.

Unlike KGB, Jungle Rider's first frame is a fairly standard double diamond low slung top tube design, with proper attention being placed on the strength to weight ratio. According to an exclusive announcement on Effraim Catlow's Flat Matters blog, Martti said, "Just received the first sample of the Jungle Rider frame. I should mention that Jungle Rider won't make super duper hyper light components, because they cannot be strong enough, at least to me and to many others. Design of the frame is not original but that is going to be the future standard for strong frames. And actually, I really like the outlook of simple straight tube frames!"

Right now, Jungle Rider plans on releasing three versions of the frame: small, medium and large. You can check out the full specs on Flat Matters, who are doing an excellent job of covering all aspects of the flat scene. So head on over there, catch James White's engrossing Friday columns and then go do a megaspin or something,