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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Updated: June 15, 11:07 AM ET
Five Answers from Laura Enever

When it comes to finding an angle to take, there are few better in sport than to cover a hometown kid making good on their talent. Enter Laura Enever. A North Narrabeen surf rat by heart, last week she won the ASP World Junior title in front of all the "Northy boys." It was the second world title of young Laura's career, which leads me to believe we should pay her some mind. Here's what she has to say about it all:

You're the ASP World Junior Champ, how does it feel?
I'm feeling pretty amazing right now! I don't think it has fully sunk in yet. To win the World Junior Title at home, and to be able to share with all my family and friends has always been my dream. The whole of North Narrabeen was pretty much packed on the beach supporting me and cheering me. When I won it was just such a special moment, everyone was so happy and excited, I felt like I had won the world title not only for me, but for my home. It was the perfect day. It was the best day of my life.

What was the hardest thing about winning the title?
In my first heat of the contest I got off to a really nervous start, and kind of freaked myself out. It was such a big lead up to the event and I just wanted to surf really well in front of everyone at home and do really good, but it backfired. I just got really nervous. After that heat I just told myself I wanted to have fun, not worry and just enjoy surfing my home break. Everything just went my way from there.

A perfect example of why she's the best junior girl in the world.

How did you celebrate your win?
Well, all the Northy boys had already started "celebrating" before my final even got underway. Then after I won everyone took me straight up to North Narrabeen Surf Club and we partied on. Quiksilver put a whole lot of money on the bar, so everyone was having the best time. All the Northy boys got me up on a table and sung me the North Narrabeen song and made me skull from the world title cup. I think they were proud of me.

There aren't very many surfers that can say they've won both the ASP and the ISA world titles, what does that mean to you?
It is pretty cool. I guess world titles are something you can never take away from someone, so it's pretty special. One day I would love to win the ASP World Title but for now I'm stoked on my junior world titles, and just want to take it all in and enjoy it.

What's next on your schedule?
I'm heading up to the Gold Coast for the Roxy Pro trials, as well as the ASP Banquet, which I'm really excited about. I actually really wanted to win World Juniors so I could get invited to the banquet and go shopping and get dressed up with everyone. I'm so looking forward to it. Other than I'm going to just keep doing the Australiasion Pro Junior events this year, as well as the WQS contests. But I don't really have any plans, I just want to go with the flow, have fun, surf some really good waves, and keep experiencing everything along the way. I'm really excited for the rest of the year.