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Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Canseco calls out Walker

Jose Canseco
Be careful what you wish for, Jose Canseco. Herschel Walker is no Danny Partridge.

For people who enjoy societal train wrecks, Twitter has proven to be a wonderful tool. Instead of idiot celebrities being audited by their PR people, they're free to circulate staggering stupidity in real time.

Tweet, tweet

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This from Jose Canseco, to his 324,000 followers: I guess I may have to show Herschel Walker who the real Bad Boy of the sports industry is. If the powers that be are reading, I want in. (Jose threw a few random capitalizations in there -- omitted for clarity.)

Who could possibly advocate civilization's decline in such a fashion? Blame Cesar Gracie's camp, which posted a video inviting Canseco to come train. Although I have yet to meet a freak fight I'd turn off, a Canseco-Walker promotion would run the risk of turning Walker into a punchline -- something he largely avoided in the build-up to his recent fight by coming off as sincere and serious. Granted, Greg Nagy was a bit of a heavy bag. But once you agree to fight the guy who couldn't finish off Danny Bonaduce, you're in another area code of absurdity. Does Shaquille O'Neal get the winner?