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Saturday, February 6, 2010
Updated: June 14, 6:42 PM ET
Weekend News Update

This is Micah Kranz holding a picture of his grandma that he keeps in his wallet. Hope this makes you laugh as much as it did for me.

Today was fun; I usually don't do too much personal rambling but tonight I have too. Last night, Micah Kranz, Mykel Larrin and John Rodgers all made the drive down from Milwaukee, Wisconsin through some gnarly snow storm, while towing a huge trailer hitch carrying a portable box jump behind them. They didn't make it to my house till 3 AM but hey, at least they made it one piece. They just started a two month long trip to do box jump demos across Canada with a bunch of Motocross dudes. They'll be heading up through Maine in the next couple days and taking a ferry over to Canada, where they'll be spending the rest of their time.

Micah's new love at love Denny's.

Anyhow, back to why today was so glorious. So we woke up this morning to go hit up Ray's MTB Park and things started off quite eventful. Micah cracked out the tail light on the back of his truck backing out of my driveway and all three of them had to help push my car out of 3ft. of snow. Then we hit up Denny's were Micah proceeded to spend the first half hour yelling at one of his credit card companies out loud, followed by him breaking out a random picture of his grandma, that he keeps in his wallet (see the above photo for proof). Then as we're leaving, he plays one of those 'Big Choice' game machines where he actually wins one of those stuffed animals and gives the thing to one of the waitresses at the restaurant (see the other photo above). I swear, only when you're with Micah do such random things happen but it was super funny. It was a good way to start the day and got even better by riding and watching Mykel shred the heck out of Ray's, man that dude is good. So aside from sharing with you that random bit and funny photos, I posted up some other important news after the jump.

-First off, some cool news from Nike 6.0:
"Attention Filmmakers! Nike 6.0 partnered with NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth) to create an Action Sports Category at the largest and most influential film festival and support organization for filmmakers 22 and under. Deadline for action sports films is Feb 15th, so you have another week to complete and submit your edits. NFFTY 2010 will be held April 29-May 2 in Seattle with over 100+ film screenings, film making workshops, and opportunities to meet and network with industry professionals. Submission forms and film uploads can be completed at

The action sports category is open to any short film (30 minutes or under) that represents, showcases or is inspired by Action Sports, including skateboard, snowboard, surf, moto, wake, BMX, or freeski. In order to meet eligibility criteria for NFFTY 2010: 1) the film's director must have been 22 years old or younger at completion of filming; 2) all music and other copyrighted material used in films must be original or filmmaker must have obtained permission from the owner; and, 3) the film must be in English or subtitled in English.

Submission deadline for the action sports category is Feb. 15th."

-Ryan Galvan is holding a contest at Skate City indoor Skatepark in Las Vegas on March 13th. He sent over this awesome edit he created and filmed to promote the event. Registration is now available by calling the park at (702) 443-5544.

-Terry Adams is holding a Twitter contest this coming Monday, February 8th sometime in the afternoon. He'll be Tweeting 3 questions about himself and the first person that answer's the questions correctly will receive a ton of prizes from Dan's Comp. including:

2 Dans Deluxe tubes
1 pair Dans rim strips
1 Dans air pump
1 pro tool kit
1 Dans multi allen tool
3 Dans shirts
1 pair of Dans socks
1 Dans cinch bag
1 pair of Dans headphones

Rules are:
- You must be a Terry Adams follower on Twitter.
- First one to answer all 3 questions first wins.
- Must post the answers on his Twitter

His Twitter is

-Lastly, Chase DeHart, Robbie Morales and the rest of the Cult crew are scheduled to be guests on Fuel TV's, The Daily Habit show, this upcoming Tuesday, February 10th. Check out for local air times.