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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Updated: February 12, 9:20 PM ET

2010 NBA All-Star


Grades by Tim Legler

DeJuan BlairF | San Antonio Spurs
In a game in which no one is making an effort to box out, you knew Blair would gobble up some boards, and he looked like he had glue on his hands. Once he's a full-time starter for the Spurs (or someone else), he will lead the league in rebounding. Love the fact that he played hard and showed some handle.

Omri CasspiSF | Sacramento Kings
This guy is one of my favorite rookies. He isn't getting a lot of attention on a nose-diving Kings team, but he has a really nice game. Showed some hops with a sweet lefty dunk early and never looked like he didn't belong.

Stephen CurryPG | Golden State Warriors
I'm a sucker for guys that have pure strokes, and Curry is in a class by himself when you see him with the rookies and sophs. He never really forced anything, and he put on a show with a flurry of jumpers in the second half.

Tyreke EvansPG | Sacramento Kings
The league's best rookie didn't disappoint, as evidenced by his MVP award. Nice gesture sharing it with DeJuan Blair. He just gets it. He has the body, game, and demeanor of a star. His vision and playmaking were vastly underrated coming out of college.

Jonny FlynnPG | Minnesota Timberwolves
He showed a burst of acceleration that stood out, even compared to the other point guards in the game. Very aggressive getting into the paint, but his teammates had a hard time catching his passes and finishing.

Taj GibsonF | Chicago Bulls
He isn't polished enough offensively to really stand out in a game that is all about "getting yours." In his defense, he never really got enough touches to get involved.

James HardenG | Oklahoma City Thunder
He looks like he's just a guy coming off the bench to look for his own offense, but Harden has a nice, well-rounded game. He scores easily and fills it up without forcing anything. Very impressive.

Brandon JenningsPG | Milwaukee Bucks
He has the ability to light it up, and he put up numbers in a game that was made for his open-court style. He would get an "A," but he didn't see anyone else on the court, and a point guard has to get other guys shots as well as getting his own.

Jonas JerebkoF | Detroit Pistons
He never really got to show what he's capable of in a game like this. Give him credit because he looked like he cared, but he got lost in the shuffle. Better days ahead for sure.