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Thursday, February 11, 2010
Updated: June 15, 10:54 AM ET
Green means go

Green means go.

It's official, the 2009/2010 Maverick's Surf Contest has received the green light to run this upcoming Saturday, Feb. 13. After what's definitely been a big-wave season to remember, there's yet another northwest swell looming on the horizon, and it's looking prime for Maverick's.

"Mother Nature is smiling once again on Maverick's," reads a post on the contest's Twitter page. "The 24 have voted and we are a go for Saturday."

"I'm heading up tomorrow with Greg [Long] and the boys," reports the intrepid Jason Murray, who will be covering the event for us with both his lens and his charming wit. "There's a touch of west in this swell, which helps the place out. They waited a long time to run, and passed on some good opportunities, but this weekend there's definitely going to be something to see out there."

Murray touches down in San Francisco mid-day tomorrow and is hoping to get out to Half Moon Bay in time to catch the "warm-up session," as well as dig up any dirt about the impending event. Unless he gets mauled by a Great White, he's planning on dropping a little pre-contest insight tomorrow evening, and then he'll be all over the contest on Saturday, so stay tuned. It's game on at Maverick's ... finally.