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Thursday, February 11, 2010
Updated: June 16, 10:32 AM ET
The Shinning

Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn
The United States' best chance for an Olympic Gold Medal in skiing has developed a twinge of drama now as informs and speculation surround a shin injury recently sustained by dominant women's competitor Lindsey Vonn.

Rumors that the decorated downhill specialist might not compete in the Winter Olympiad began to fly this week when Vonn complained of excruciating shin pain related to a deep muscle bruise at a Vancouver Olympic press conference.

Amid all the speculation, Vonn suited up for Super Combined training today. She did not get her run out, however, before the training was canceled for poor visibility. And no sooner than US skiing fans breathed a sigh of relief for Vonn's apparent return did another untimely injury befall the US women's team.

The New York Times reports:
For the inspection, during which Vonn glided down the course on skis and decided she felt good enough to ski. The training runs for Sunday's super combined competition were canceled, however, because of snow and poor visibility, but not until after American skier Stacey Cook, the second skier, crashed in the treacherous conditions. Cook was taken from the mountain by a helicopter. Vonn was scheduled to be the 15th skier.

Cook was hospitalized after the crash. Details on her condition have yet to be released.