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Thursday, February 18, 2010
USA-Norway: Second-period blog

A recap of the second period between United States and Norway:

Pierre LeBrun: Scotty, not a great period for Team USA by any stretch of the imagination. Giving up a short-handed goal to Norway is about as bad as it gets. Interesting to hear the Canadian fans on hand cheering wildly for Norway. Can't imagine the scene here Sunday for USA-Canada. It's going to be a blast. What say you, old red head?

Scott Burnside: I agree. The Americans seemed to struggle with their intensity in this period and I think that's a function of the team's youth. Remember how hard-hitting the game against the Swiss was? Norway plays a lot more passive, and I think it's been hard for the Americans to get themselves at the right temperature emotionally. Don't think that will be a problem Sunday. And the power play is ghastly.

LeBrun: I suspect coach Ron Wilson will have a few things to say during this intermission. The paint might peel off the wall. One positive was Patrick Kane's goal, the top line finally getting on the board in this tournament. But overall, quite the regression in the American game in this period.

Burnside: Yes, and the Norwegians came pretty darned close to pulling within one goal and finished up the period ringing one off Ryan Miller's melon. You don't want to overstate the importance of one soft period in what is really a meaningless game, but it goes to what Wilson has been saying about this being a chemistry experiment. Right now, the experiment is in fizzle mode. Let's see hwo it turns out in the third.