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Friday, February 26, 2010
Updated: March 3, 6:12 PM ET
Frequently Asked Questions

If there's a part of College Hoops Pick'em you find confusing, it's probably confused someone else as well. Following are the questions most commonly asked by our entrants.

Q: How do I change my entry name?

A: You can change your entry name by clicking on the "Edit Entry Settings" link on your entry page. You can change your entry name as often as you'd like.

Q: How do I create an entry?

A: From the game's frontpage click on the "Create Entry" button. You will then be asked to optionally edit your entry settings such as entry name. After you are done editing these options, click the submit button at the bottom of the page. You have now created an entry. From your entry page, you now can make your selections and create or join a group with that entry.

Q: Do matchups lock at the beginning of the day's games or on an individual game-by-game basis?

A: All selections will remain open until the scheduled start of each individual Tournament Game. You can change your selection as many times as you would like until that game locks.

Q: When will the day's matchups be finalized and available to pick?

A: All selections can be considered final by 12AM ET the previous night once the previous day's games have been completed. No changes will be made to that day's selections after that point in time.

Q: How does the scoring work?

A: All questions are worth one point each for each correct selection. You do not receive or lose points for incorrect picks.

Q: How many groups can I join?

A: You may join up to three (3) different groups with the same entry.

Q: Why can't I add a logo to my group?

A: Your group must be a private group in order to utilize the logo feature.