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Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Updated: June 15, 11:15 AM ET
Handsome Boy Modeling School

One handsome ollie

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest skateboarder of them all? Well, it can be none other than the handsome spawn of OG Steve Olson, Vans & Girl pro Alex Olson. Recently young Alex has been getting major attention for his razor sharp good looks. Some people might want to criticize Alex for his foray into modeling but not I, because I can relate to Alex; we are both cursed with stunning, drop-dead gorgeous appearances. It is a cross we must bear. All I can say is there are very few people out there that would refuse a paycheck for making out with a supermodel. Very few.

Alex, what are you wearing?
I'm wearing a nice Jean Paul Gaultier—no, I'm kidding. I don't know.

You're not wearing an outfit by Pelican?
Lay off.

Or is it Penguin? Which is it?
I can't tell you. I'm under contract.

How did you end up on that roof making out with that woman for that advertisement?
My friend was going to a casting in New York and I was with him and he said I should stop by the casting. They asked me to do it too and so I just did it.

Is that Blue Steel or Magnum?

How much did you get paid to make out with that woman?
Not that much, no. I haven't seen it [the ad]. I know it's bad so I don't want to see it.

I've never been paid to make out with a woman so I kind of envy you.
Yeah, well I think you might be the only dude. I know a lot of people have seen it and ... well, what's the saying, "Any press is good press?"

It seemed to be a free ad for Vans.
Yeah, I told them I wasn't going to wear anything else. I should get photo incentive for that.

Recently you also did a commercial for a product that is meant to keep lady-parts smelling nice.
Yup. My roommate did that one. He's a film student and I made a joke that he never casts me in anything. Then he casts me in that. He made it for our friend's mom's company. No one would've ever seen that except I went and I made a joke and said, "Send it to Crailtap. They'll love this."

I thought it was funny.
The girl in it is trying to be an actress and she won't have her name put in any of the tags or anything.

How are you able to pull this modeling stuff off? Most other people would get clowned for doing this.
I have no idea; I'm getting clowned somewhere. I'm not getting off on this thing scott free. Someone, somewhere is like, "I hate him now."

It's not like you're out there rapping. You're getting paid to make out with girls.
Yeah, it's all sexual. Sex sells.

For some of the uglier skaters, do you have any tips on being more handsome?
Wash your face. Brush your teeth. Comb your hair.

All joking aside, Olson's style is always on point. This lofted ollie at the Girl park is just one example.

Do you have any hair care advice?
It all depends. Wash your hair; you don't want to go bald. Wash it at least once a week and get hair oil and put it in your hair so you don't have to deal with, you know, that fluffy feeling. Straight up.

When you were coming up, who were some of the handsome skaters you looked up to?
Scott Oster and Christian Hosoi. How is this interview turning into this?

Peter Bici? In terms of model/skater trailblazer? Was he an inspiration?
This is just me getting clowned right now for all the dumb stuff I've done, huh? Yeah, Peter was a huge inspiration. His campaign for Calvin Klein was mind-blowing at the time.

Is it true you're saving your Vans checks for cheek implants?
Is there such a thing? I've never heard of anyone having a problem with their face not being too skinny.

Hollywood weirdos do.
Well, no. I'm Swedish. I don't need that.

How is it you're so handsome and yet your dad is so rugged?
If you get in a time machine you'd see we're not so different and I'm probably heading that route too.

You're gonna end up looking worn hard, hung up wet?
I hope not. But who knows? You are, after all, your father.

Do you prefer Blue Steel or Magnum?
Magnum because I'm left handed.

Who wins in a walk off? You or Mike Carroll?
Mike has a lot of style so that's a toss up.

Are you the most handsome guy in the Girl camp?
I don't know.

I think you know.
I don't know.

I think you know.
No, I'm not.

Were you romantically involved with the Olsen Twins?
One of my friends said Mary Kate had a crush on me. But I don't know if that's true or not.

Who are you looking to model for next?
Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Vans.