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Friday, March 19, 2010
Updated: June 14, 5:40 PM ET
Jay Miron Leaves MacNeil

Jay Miron

Jay Miron, mid-school legend, X Games medalist, definitive BMX trailblazer, announced earlier today that he was selling MacNeil Bikes (the company he founded in 2000) and Ten Pack Distribution (the Canadian distribution house he founded in 1997) to his business partners Jamie McIntosh and Darcy Saccucci. Additionally, Miron announced that he was essentially leaving anything bike-related in his life behind.

"After spending my entire life either on a bike, or working in the bike business, I'm walking away from it. While it's pretty scary leaving it all behind, I'm super excited for the new life that lies ahead. I haven't yet decided what that life will be. I'm going to take a while to relax and see what comes up," he said.

Although Miron has been fairly behind the scenes since retiring from the pro lifestyle several years ago due to ongoing injuries, he has remained active in the BMX business through MacNeil, Ten Pack and his event company, Metro Events. Where he's headed is anyone's guess, but knowing firsthand how dedicated Miron is to whatever he undertakes, I have no doubt that it will be good. And now comes the mushy part.

Jay Miron did a lot for BMX.

Miron in 1990.

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Miron emerged in the late '80s and turned heads doing boomerang airs on vert. He rode for Wilkerson Airlines, Bully and GT before finding a home on Hoffman Bikes in 1992. During that time, he toured with each company, appeared in multiple videos (including the Baco and Dorkin' series) and made a name for himself for his innovative and burly takes on vert and skateparks (not to mention being able to ride dirt and flatland equally as well.) In 1995, Miron left Hoffman Bikes to ride for and help create a freestyle program at Schwinn Bicycles. He also continued competing, earning nine X Games medals (including the first ever gold medal for BMX dirt) over the years, and although some may say it's up for discussion, it's been said that Jay Miron was the first person to do a double backflip on a BMX bike way, way back in the mid '90s.

Miron's Schwinn years seemed to have an altruistic impact on him, and in an effort to give back and help cultivate the Canadian scene he emerged from, Miron started a Canadian BMX distribution (Ten Pack), a Canadian BMX magazine (Chase) and ultimately, MacNeil Bikes, which began shortly after Miron left Schwinn. During Miron's MacNeil days, he simply killed it. He won La Revolution comps and Backyard Jams, still showed up to ride X Games vert, and produced one of his best video parts ever.

Condensing Jay Miron's contributions to BMX in two paragraphs is a bit of a crime though, so I'm going to stop here until I get commissioned to write the authorized Miron biography. But I will say this: Jay Miron lived it, and made BMX a better place because of it.

MacNeil and Ten Pack will continue to operate under the direction of McIntosh and Saccucci. If you'd like more from Jay, he did a short interview on TheComeUp about the situation. And if you'd like to read his full statement, check out the MacNeil site.

To close, I'm going to take this space to say thanks to The Canadian Beast for making BMX that much more awesome.