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Thursday, March 25, 2010
Updated: June 14, 6:24 PM ET
POTD: Ted Huie

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I took this photo last summer while I was out in Little Rock, Arkansas. It's a shot of Ted Huie and was taken at a spot that unless you know Teddie, there's no way you'll find it on your own. He was super amped to tell me about it and I was even more amped when he told me he was going to wall ride the fence of it. This is one of those photos that just doesn't give itself justice on how gnarly it truly is. It seemed that no matter how much I tweaked my angle, I couldn't perceive how intensely razor sharp the bank was or show how steep it was. Believe or not, Teddie was cranking full speed to get to the top of this thing and the combination of all those factors, tied in with shooting on film, made it one of the most exciting photos that I think I took last year. So click on the 'Go Full Size' tab and show it some love!