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Saturday, March 27, 2010
Updated: November 17, 3:48 PM ET
Pettit, Graham win Red Bull Cold Rush

Dash Longe's win in the slopestyle portion helped take him to third overall.

The bar was set for this year's Red Bull Cold Rush at Retallack Lodge when Sean Pettit on day one nonchalantly rolled up to a 60-footer, in the middle of a venue most of the rest of the field was picking through, and without hesitation launched and stomped clean the cliff. On days two and three, the 17-year-old kept his momentum by throwing buttery 720s in the backcountry slopestyle portion and throwing an impressively stomped 360 off a 50 footer in the natural terrain portion of the event. Pettit's performance put him cleanly into first place.

A bit of a long-shot came with Dave Treadway, 2008 Cold Rush Winner, taking the second podium spot. Treadway skied very smooth, fast, and hucked big like he does, but lacked the technical skills most of the other competitors had in the slopestyle. Treadway's spot reflects the uniqueness of Cold Rush as a competition and the refreshing fact that the riders are not gauging performance on mere technical difficulty like most events do. Treadway's prowess in the two big mountain aspects of the event secured his spot.

Dash Longe took home the third place spot, which was less of a surprise as his performance all week was encapsulated on Day 2 in the jumping portion as he threw and stomped a 540 and 720 that were slathered with style. In the big mountain venues of day one and three, Longe was smooth and consistently pushing himself in air off of features. He didn't always stick the landings -- some switch -- but again the riders weren't faulting anyone for non-execution, but rather rewarding limit-pushing.

Sean Pettit: Rodeo 7.

On the ladies side, in it's first year at Cold Rush, Suzanne Graham predictably captured first place and loud chants at the awards ceremony of "Sickbird." Graham held nothing back on day two by throwing a huge double back off of the booter two-thirds of the mens field wasn't hitting due to how big it was; and by hucking a mind-blowing 60-foot front flip on day three, which was the biggest air of the day by anyone. Grete Eliassen took second with fast lines in big terrain, and despite taking a knee to the face on day two Claudia Buvier secured the third place spot.

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1. Sean Pettit 86.7
2. Dave Treadway 77.5
3. Dash Longe 76.9
4. Riley Leboe 74.2
5. Richard Permin 72.1
6. Charley Ager 70.2
7. Ian Provo 66.6
8. Tanner Rainville 63.7
9. Bene Mayr 58.5
10. TJ Schiller 57.4
11. Sven Kueenle 40.7

1. Suzanne Graham 96.1
2. Grete Eliassen 94.4
3. Claudia Bouvier 82.6