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Thursday, April 1, 2010
Updated: June 21, 11:38 AM ET
Face Time with Ryan Smith

By Tosh Rice
ESPN Action Sports

Ryan Smith takes a breather during a session at his second home: the Black Box TF.

A little over two years ago, Mystery skateboards pro Ryan Smith was given a five percent chance of survival after getting in a disastrous motorcycle wreck. The proverbial road to recovery was proven a rough one paved in physical and mental anguish. Through the ensuing loss of friends, career momentum and at times sanity, the Smith of today is one thoughtful and grounded individual.

Most recently, Smith parted ways with long-time shoe sponsor DC. For some, the loss of a sponsor can fuel bitterness. But Smith's outlook is nothing if not thankful and humble for what he's been given. Not only is Smith grateful for the chance to continue skateboarding, he's thankful to be alive.

A high speed charge up the bank was mandatory for Smith to get atop this Smtih grind.
Ryan Smith has been down a long road. Still standing and still ripping, he's got many miles more to go.