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Sunday, April 11, 2010
Updated: April 16, 2:49 PM ET
NAPT Mohegan Final Table Blog

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6 p.m.: It seemed inevitable once the action began at the Mohegan Sun main event final table. It was Vanessa Selbst's time to shine and shine she did, running over the table and finally eliminating Mike Beasley to take down the title and $750,000. Beasley earned $428,000 for his second-place finish, the largest cash of his lengthy poker career.

The final hand was a showdown of Selbst's A-8 versus the Q-10 of Beasley. The board ran out 3d-6c-Kd-7c-8c and Selbst was crowned champion.

Much more to come with Beasley and Selbst on ESPN Inside Deal and the Poker Edge podcast this week!

5:20 p.m.: The Vanessa Selbst show continues.

Vanessa Selbst
Vanessa Selbst held a commanding chip lead when heads-up play began.

After taking a few pots off of the Mikes, Beasley and Woods, to start off three-handed play, Selbst knocked out Woods in their latest encounter leaving a very happy Mike Beasley. The action began after a flop of 9-6-8. Selbst checked, Woods bet $700,000, Selbst raised to $1.8 million and Woods moved all-in for $3.425 million total. Selbst instantly called showing 8-8 for a flopped set. Woods flipped over 10-9 for top pair and a gutshot straight draw. A turn ace and river 10 finished the job and created the heads-up battle between Selbst and Beasley.

Woods earned $240,000 for his third-place finish and now Beasley will face a monstrous chip deficit when heads-up play begins (Selbst has $18.8 million to Woods' $2.7).

4:50 p.m.: We're down to three players after two eliminations within 10 minutes.

The first casualty was Alistar Melville. When the cards were flipped over, it didn't start out looking too good for Mike Beasley, who held A-Q offsuit. Melville, holding pocket queens, was in control, but once the flop hit the felt, Beasley and his fans were cheering. Melville launched from his chair when the ace of spades hit the flop and he would be eliminated in fifth place ($150,000).

Two hands later, Scott Seiver's all-in was finally called by Mike Woods and the powerful A-3 offsuit. Nobody in media row was really sure how he's calling with A-3 in that spot, but Seiver's tournament life was on the line after not seeing a flop the entire day. The flop came 6-A-10 and Seiver's hopes diminished as he'd need one of the two remaining fours in the deck. The turn and river came Q-7 and Seiver, perhaps one of the hottest players on tour right now, was eliminated in fourth place ($190,000).

4:35 p.m.: Updated chip counts:

Vanessa Selbst: $10.3 million
Mike Woods: $4.5 million
Mike Beasley: $3.9 million
Alistar Melville: $1.4 million
Scott Seiver: $1.3 million

3:58 p.m.: The players are on a 15-minute break.

3:36 p.m.: Vanessa Selbst has just padded her chip lead by knocking out Derek Raymond. Alistar Melville limped in, Selbst called and Raymond raised from the big blind. Melville folded, and Selbst reraised to $3.75 million, putting Raymond to a decision for his tournament life. She says, "I know you didn't expect that!"

After about four minutes, Selbst says something along the lines of that she's running really well, and Raymond calls instantly after hearing it. He shows A-10 and is up against her pocket sixes. The board comes K-Q-7-8-4, and Raymond is eliminated in fifth place ($115,000).

Five are left in contention for the $750,000 first-place prize.

3:25 p.m.: Alistar Meville has barely played anything leading up to the latest level (blinds $40,000/$80,000, $10,000 ante), but he's been trying to mix it up recently … and has mixed results while doing so. Melville was looking good after taking down a pot from Mike Beasley but then lost most of that pot and more when he faced off against Vanessa Selbst. Melville raised from the button, Selbst called, and the flop was 4c-Jc-Qh. Selbst checked, Melville made a continuation bet and Selbst moved all-in over the top. Having Melville easily covered, Selbst put the pressure on and looked very calm while doing so. Melville's body language screamed fold, and that's just what he did.

Mike Woods has been taking advantage of his position over Beasley, who is constantly coming over to his friends, who are sitting right next to me. Beasley is still smiling but definitely seems a little frustrated with what has been happening at this level. Scott Seiver continues to move all-in and not get called and manages to steal the blinds and antes in every orbit.

2:40 p.m.: There wasn't been much action since the players returned from break … until I typed that last sentence. Since then, Scott Seiver has moved all-in twice. During the first hand, Mike Woods raised to $160,000, and Seiver moved all-in over the top for $895,000. Woods folded, and Seiver gained some more chips. On the next hand, Seiver moved all-in and was able to take the blinds and antes down once again.

Besides that, Vanessa Selbst really has been in control. Mike Beasley also has been able to chip up since the break, winning a key hand against Mike Woods with a jack-high straight. Beasley checked his straight on the river and was hoping for Woods to bet, but after a few minutes, Woods decided to check behind. Immediately after the check, Beasley glared at his friends, wondering how he didn't get more value out of the hand.

Here's a look at the current chip counts:
Vanessa Selbst: $7.1 million
Mike Beasley: $4.8 million
Mike Woods: $4.3 million
Derek Raymond: $2.1 million
Alistar Melville: $2.1 million
Scott Seiver: $1.0 million

1:35 p.m.: That didn't take long. Derek Raymond finished the job by eliminating Cliff Josephy during the last hand before the break. Raymond had A-9, which dominated Josephy's A-5. No help came on the board of A-7-8-3-J, and Josephy was eliminated in seventh place ($85,000).

1:30 p.m.: Derek Raymond doubled through Cliff Josephy, leaving one of online poker's icons in some trouble. It was another coin flip between Raymond and Josephy, with Raymond having the 6-6 versus Josephy's A-Q. After a flop of J-10-5, Josephy picked up a few more outs, but the turn and river came 3-7, and that left him with only $275,000.

1:15 p.m.: The biggest hand so far this final table took place between Vanessa Selbst and Mike Beasley. Both started the hand with stacks above $4 million, and it began simply enough with a Selbst raise to $160,000 (blinds $30,000/$60,000 and a $5,000 ante). Beasley made the call, and the flop came down 7c-Kd-7h. Selbst led out for $260,000, and Beasley instantly made the call. A turn 5c prompted a $450,000 bet on the turn by Selbst, and once again, Beasley came along. The 3s on the river didn't seem to change much, and Selbst bet $1.33 million.

Beasley took a few minutes, first asking for a count of Selbst's stack and finally folding. Selbst takes over as the new chip leader, while Beasley drops to second place after the hand.

Final Table
The final table of the NAPT Mohegan Sun main event

1 p.m.: Once the players were seated and introductions completed, the action picked up right where it left off Saturday night. Michael Woods started off the action by taking down a solid pot against Alistar Melville. And less than 20 minutes into play, he knocked out Jonathan Aguiar, who finished in eighth place.

Mike Beasley opened the action from the cutoff with a raise to $125,000 (blinds $25,000/$50,000, $5,000 ante). Woods decided to reraise to $450,000, and Aguiar, in the small blind, moved all-in for $1.47 million. After some debate, Woods made the call with 10-10 and needed to win the race against Aguiar's A-Q.

The flop came 8-3-2, giving Aguiar no help. A 4 on the turn gave "FatalError" a few more outs, but a 10 hit the river, giving Woods a set and the first major pot of the day.

After the pot, Woods is now in third place behind Beasley and Vanessa Selbst. Beasley has been relatively aggressive so far, and given his chip count, he definitely can afford to bully the table a little bit.