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Monday, April 12, 2010
Banana free

By Capt. Mike Frenette

I don't really believe in a lot of superstitions.

"Don't step on the crack or you will break your mommas' back." C'mon, let's get real. I've stepped on a lot of cracks, and never broke a back.

"Seeing an ambulance is very unlucky unless you pinch your nose or hold your breath until you see a black or a brown dog." If I had to hold my breath that long I'll need the ambulance.

"If you cut an apple in half and count how many seeds are inside, you will also know how many children you will have." Enough said, ate a bunch of apples, they all lied.

"Spit on a new bat before using it for the first time to make it lucky." I tried it when I was nine and struck out.

"If you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake with the first puff you will get your wish." Who came up with this one? They must have wished for a piece of cake.

"Pictures of an elephant bring luck, but only if they face a door." Huh? Elephants facing a door? I missed that one all together.

"To cure a sty, stand at a crossroads and recite: Sty, sty, leave my eye. Take the next one coming by." Wow, I know that medical technology is fascinating, but this is incredible.

I could go on and on, but I'm sure your getting the picture. I'm going to leave you with one more.

"If you bring bananas on a boat, something bad will happen and certainly there will be NO FISH."

Whoa, stop the press! This is FACT, not superstition. As I told you in the beginning, I don't believe in superstitions, but I do believe in this statement, therefore it must be a fact.

Well let's put it this way, NO BANANAS on my boat, certainly not with my knowledge. And any that are brought aboard without my knowledge, I am not responsible for.

Does any of this make any sense? Don't worry about it, don't try to figure it out, just don't do it!

Perfect example: there was a day last week where I was catching a few fish, but not whacking them as I did the previous days. Wind was howling. Yesterday it was close to 80 degrees and so far today, the temperature has dropped 20 degrees and still dropping. Is it supposed to get warmer as the day goes on?

Two reels tangled up and oh yeah, a cramp in my leg that just won't go away. Forget the fact that while running from one spot to another I clipped a sand bar that wasn't there before. What the heck? Just one of those days so I went to fixing it.

First thing first, drink plenty of water and the cramps should go away. Opened the ice chest, grabbed a water and there it was. A yellow glow hidden beneath the drinks, tucked away neatly in a zip lock bag, wedged between a sandwich and a snickers bar — a BANANA.

I was about to ask the question, but knowing well that if I appeared upset, the question I was about to ask will certainly fall on deaf ears.

Politely, I asked "who was the thoughtful person that brought the banana on the boat?" One of the anglers, we will call her Jessica (cause that's her name) quickly took credit and seemed quite proud of it.

Immediately I asked her if she was aware of the consequences and of course she laughed and replied "You're not serious." Yes ma'am, I'm quite serious.

Have you caught a fish yet? No. We had another one of our boats fishing within 50 feet of us and they were whacking them.

"Look at them there whacking the reds," I started at her and she came right back. "That's your fault." No ma'am, it's the banana. "You think?" she asked. "I know," was my reply.

She quickly ate the banana, laughed and stated, "There you go, banana gone, good luck will be here soon."

Bananas or no bananas, this winter was horrible. Cold, wet, and just plain miserable.

It was the coldest winter down here in the grand ole south that I can remember in quite some time, but there is hope.

The past few days have been perfect. Temps upper 70's, close to 80 and light winds. Perfect conditions for fishing and the redfish have been CHEWING. Brady Walker, his dad Phil, Kevin Sitton and his dad Don just spent the last three days fishing with me and just absolutely hammered the reds.

From tournament quality fish to monsters, it was just three days of awesome fishing. Actually at times, it was overwhelming. We lost count of the total number of fish that were caught and released. Venice is well-known for its exceptional red fishing, but the past few days really have been excellent.

Looks like the rest of the spring and summer should produce great catches.

As far as the offshore action, the past couple of months the northern Gulf has produced pretty impressive catches of Yellowfin, Blackfin, and Wahoo, but for whatever reason the past three days have been a little slow for the pelagic.

Of course as usual, the Amberjacks have been tearing the tackle and knuckles up. It won't be long before consistent weather will yield consistent catches offshore.