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Monday, April 19, 2010
King of Spring NYC 2010

Chad Muska held it down on the bullhorn all day long calling tricks and cracking jokes.

This was my first time to the annual King of Spring event up in Harlem. On my way uptown I wondered why the event was held way up in Harlem when so much of NYC skateboarding revolves around Dowtown. But it's tight to get out of the usual zone; there are so many different neighborhoods out there, each with different feels, and spots. Growing up primarily a street skater, I often skip these competitive pop up skatepark events, but they can be pretty fun now and again and people definitely throw down.

This event was put on with a lot of effort from Billy Rohan, Open Road NYC and a slew of supportive sponsors. It wasn't about big pros trying to win thousands of dollars; it was much more about bringing kids from all the skate scenes in the area together for one big mashup. I walked in to see people I hadn't seen since last year, if ever, upping the ante on ridiculous hardflip backlips and bigspin front blunts down the rail. It's also the type of event where everyone just skates at once. Instead of money doled out for 1st 2nd and 3rd place on each obstacle, random $50s and$100s were thrown out here and there for the best tricks as they went down. It was much more hectic, exciting, and free since anyone could pop in and come up on some cash. Chad Muska held it down on the announcing tip calling tricks all day. And some notables including Think's Brian Delatore, Santa Cruz's Justin Strubing, Stereo flow rider Curtis Rapp and mroe were in the mix. Jordan Maxham came out on top as the overall king of the day and took home the lion's share of the cash.

Think's Brian Delatore rolled through and boosted 360 flips over the hip up in Harlem.
New York's own Dave Willis handled the rail with a serious front blunt.