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Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Updated: June 15, 2:07 PM ET
The Leak

The 2010 Jon Olsson Super Sessions video contest is over. And I need to get to a ringing payphone immediately, because I'm pretty sure I'm having déjà vu.

Frustrated by another disappointing 4th-place finish, Team America — with skiers Simon Dumont, Tom Wallisch, and Alex Schlopy, and filmers Josh Knox and AJ Dakoulas — ignored the video release protocol requested by the event organizers and leaked its video to the Web for our viewing pleasure.

The video, which you can see above, was described by Swedish JOSS competitor Jacob Wester as the "best video of JOSS 2010, hands down."

Jon Olsson, the event's namesake and top organizer, was angered by the American team's decision to flout his release schedule and lashed out on his blog, saying that:
Seeing Team America do this really makes me sad, I have worked super hard to make this event happen and even harder to make sure that all the teams have a great time in Åre. So to see Team America not speaking to me or saying goodbye because of their score [and] then leak their video makes me almost wonder why I work my ass off to make this happen.

Tom Wallisch and Simon Dumont of Team America responded to Olsson's comments in a lengthy statement published on Facebook this morning. The letter calls the claim in Olsson's blog "completely untrue," and goes on to explain that "[Dumont and Wallisch] didn't have a chance to talk to [Olsson] at the awards, and apparently never went out of [their] way to search out where he was staying to find him and thank him."

The statement goes on to express respect and gratitude to Olsson for his event, rationalize the decision to leak the video, and lay out why why Wallisch and Dumont believed the judging criteria to be unfair.

To summarize, Team America is mad that they didn't win the contest, and Jon is disappointed that Team America is mad. And I already mentioned déjà vu. And there it is again.

I think now the only thing left for us to do is watch the video.