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Friday, April 23, 2010
Updated: June 14, 4:27 PM ET
Champion Status

On Wednesday, the San Diego Hall of Champions -- located in San Diego's Balboa Park -- paid homage to the AFMXA, and more specifically Lance Coury, Nate Adams and Brian Deegan, by inducting them and giving them their own exhibit. As you may remember, the SDHOC honored San Diego native and FMX legend Jeremy Lusk back in March of 2009 -- giving him his own exhibit, complete with bike and all.

For such a "mainstream" establishment, positive attention -- like what the SDHOC has shown freestyle motocross -- is a great sign and an honor for not just the riders, but the fans as well. I hit up Lance Coury to find out what went down, what it was all about and how it feels being honored in such a big way. Peep. You can also click here to watch video of the actual Q&A dealyo.

Deegs spits game.
Tell me about the AFMXA San Diego Hall of Champions induction. What exactly went down and what's it all about?

The San Diego Hall of Champions took interest in Jeremy Lusk and what he achieved in his career. A couple months back they put together a showcase to represent what he had done in the sport. And recently the SDHOC came to the AFMXA wanting to expand its freestyle motocross exhibit. So, they had a board meeting and decided to induct Brian Deegan, Nate Adams, and myself to the Hall of Champions. The AFMXA came about in an effort to build organization in this incredible sport we have. They want to make sure there is proper safety at events big and small, as well as safety during everyday training.

Wow, that's really cool. So how did you get included in the line up of inductees? And how does it feel to be honored in such a way?

Well, I took interest in the AFMXA and found out what they were all about right when they launched. I immediately started researching and became a member. Shortly after, they organized their first event, which I ended up taking home first place in the Pro-Am division. By that point I had made a strong impression on the board of members. A couple weeks ago I received an email that said, "Lance was chosen by the Board of Directors of the AFMXA. His dedication to the sport, his genuine character and being THE up and coming athlete were the components of being selected. He will be inducted with Brian Deegan and Nate Adams." I was honored when I found out I was going to be inducted with the same riders that I have always looked up to.

Nate and Lance's exhibit.

That's awesome man. So, what other kinds of exhibits does the San Diego Hall of Champions house?

Taking a walk through the exhibit, I saw showcases for a lot of mainstream sports like football, basketball, baseball, golf, and boxing just to name a few. But they are really starting to take notice of action sports. With an area for skateboarding with Tony Hawk, Andy MacDonald, and Biker Sherlock -- and now there's an area for freestyle motocross!

So, what was the event like? Who was there and what went down? Also, what of yours is on display?

The event was really cool -- it was set up as a luncheon in the center of the Hall with our showcase hidden by curtain. We were all brought up on stage and had a Q&A about what the AFMXA stands for and what freestyle motocross is all about as a sport. There were a lot of top guys that made it down like Mike Metzger, Colin Morrison, Ronnie Faisst, Jeff Kargola, Ryan Hagy, Cole Seely, and many others that are involved with the AFMXA, Pala Raceway, and the SDHOC itself.

As for what I have on display, I share a display with Nate Adams, which encases some of our personals like a riding jersey of mine from when I was 7-years-old and a riding jersey from just last year. Nate has a helmet, a full set of gear and of course some sweet Deft gloves on display. Both of us also have a picture collage on display, showing our lives from kids to now. It is awesome to share something like that with such a champion in our sport. I would like to thank the AFMXA and Leah Steiger for making this happen.