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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Updated: June 11, 6:15 PM ET
Pressing flesh with Obama

Scotty Lago wanted to punk the Prez, but he also wanted to live to tell about the visit.

Last week President Obama invited all the Olympians over to his pad for the standard post games press the flesh party. Scotty Lago's Silver Medal earned him an invite along all the other US Olympic team members. True to form, Lago was trying to cause a little mischief while at the White House, but his better judgment got the best of him and he kept on his best behavior. Here's Lago's take on the visit, the Prez and life after the Olympics. Give me a run down of your day in the White House. Were you tripping out?

Scotty Lago: I was pretty excited 'cuz I've always wanted to meet the president, you know. He's pretty badass. And my main goal there was to get the President to give a shout out to the Frends crew, but we couldn't film anything or shoot any of our own photos.

It was cool, we had a tour of the White House and all the Olympians were there. Everyone was there. We had to wear khakis, had to dress up for it. Shaun [White] had his own private meeting with the President, I was pretty jealous of that. And he showed up in the rock-n-roll gear. We had to dress in khaki pants and Shaun rolled up in his rock and roll kit. (Laughs)

What impressed you most about the whole experience? The secret service guys were pretty bad--s. I was almost more impressed by them. I was talking to those guys a bunch and just trying to figure out their deal. I was pretty impressed with everything they have to do to get the President's detail.

Obama was like, 'Yeah well this is what I expected a snowboarder to look like.'

I was thinking know those little hand buzzers that come on a ring and you shake someone hand and shock 'em. Well I was gonna do that do Obama, but I was thinking, well, that could've ended badly. You know the security was gnarly, as soon as we came in they were eyeing everyone down. So that could have ended horribly.

Did you fan out on Obama at all? I fanned out a little bit, but I kinda felt like I knew him, just from seeing him on TV all the time. And when he shook our hands he was like, 'How do you guys learn these tricks? You have to be pretty creative to do all those tricks.' I just got nervous and told him we learn them from video games.(Laughs)

And I heard Obama called Louie Vito out for looking like the typical snowboarder? Yeah, you know Louie was definitely going as far as possible breaking the dress code. He was wearing this LV chain, he was just kinda looking thug you know. And yeah Obama was like, 'Yeah well this is what I expected a snowboarder to look like.' That was funny.

Lago learned methods by playing video games, at least that's what he told Obama.

Was there any mention of the incident? No.

How have things been since that fateful night? How was the media frenzy that came of it and how's post Olympic life otherwise? The first month after the Olympics were insane. Just non-stop phone calls and that's just not my style. I hate being on the phone, so it was just kinda mayhem and pretty stressful. But, then I went up to Idaho, to Smiley Creek. It was really nice we just sledded and shot out there for a while. Then I went home and did some more media stuff. And now I just got home from Alaska. I just spent four weeks filming with Travis [Rice] for the Brainfarm movie Flight. It was really nice just to get back to snowboarding you know.

Like with that Tiger scandal, you know Tiger probably should've just gone right back to golf as soon as possible.