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Thursday, April 29, 2010
Updated: June 14, 5:32 PM ET
Just Did It

Sammy Carlson showed up for a few days with his unique style and nonstop skiing. Fakie 360 blunt on the kicker.

Sometimes I feel lucky to be with friends, to have great weather, to be in a special place, to eat a great meal, or to have a new experience. Any one of those things is great on its own, but this week I got all of it in one place: Snowmass, Colorado. A few days in the sun on a beautiful mountain surrounded by people who make me laugh and smile, eating a fantastic meal to wrap up a shoot that saw skiers doing old tricks in new ways and new tricks in, well, new ways. "Lucky me" is really the understatement of the year.

We were in Snowmass for big television commercial film shoot with the Nike 6.0 team (Sammy Carlson, Andreas Håtveit, Simon Dumont, TJ Schiller and Jossi Wells). When the production was finished, the guys from Snow Park Technologies and Snowmass set the boys loose on some serious terrain features: A two jump line, a pretty good hip jump and a perfect 22-foot halfpipe. Tyler Hamlet from Poorboyz was capturing all the action for their fall release "Revolver," and the combination of warm spring slush and an intense crew meant that things were going to go off. (Unfortunately, Andreas was sick with the remnants of the JOSS flu, but the rest of the crew was primed and ready.)

The hip was positioned perfectly at the bottom of the halfpipe, so Dumont was spinning tons of laps including a full pipe run and a big boost on the hip.

Dumont and Schiller were, as usual, dropping the smoothest and biggest tricks. Schiller was skiing pipe for the first time in years, and then he blasted what might have been a world-record rodeo 450 on the hip (landing fakie). Dumont was hitting both sides of the hip, gapping from side to side, and finally doing these enormous double 900s and 900 blunts over the (running) halfpipe cutter. Sammy Carlson was only around for a couple days of shooting, but his passion and non-stop motion were a refreshing boost to the whole group. He slaughtered the right side of the hip with huge alley-oop spins and some fun-times lip tricks.

Here it is -- it might look like a mellow 540 mute, but this is halfway through Jossi Wells' fakie 1080 double flip.

The standout for the trip, however, was Jossi Wells. He started out doing fakie to fakie 270 blunt on the hip, then stepped up to bonk a huge light tower left in the pipe after the commercial shoot. Then came the hammer. We've seen Jossi and others throw switch double 1080s in the pipe using an airbag, and there is footage of Taylor Seaton almost landing one on snow (see this video, 1:55). But to my knowledge, this is the first time anyone has stomped this trick. After a couple times getting used to the commitment of the second flip, Jossi started going bigger, grabbing mute and stomping. Welcome to the next level, brought to you by Jossi Wells.